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Hi There

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Hello, this is Sandie and i just discovered this site today. So I thought I would tell you about myself. I am a huge cat lover. My husband and I currently have 7 furbabies right now. They are all rescues from the humane society where we live. And they all have different purrsonalities too!.

We have a Maine Coon. Somebody just abandoned her last summer, so we made room for her. A Pixie Bob, who likes to drink water with her paw. She uses it like a spoon. A Ragdoll, who think he is the cats p.j's. He sits like a little human in your lap and when he travels with us, he actually sight sees! He has been all the way across Canada so far. Budweiser is a big fat lazy tabby, who likes to sleep under the bed covers. The other 3 are mixed breeds with funny habits as well. Our fluffy tabby like to lick your arms clean. Oh yes, and our Pixie Bob likes to box too.

My name is Sandie and I live in Kamloops, B.C., Canada, right by Vancouver. I am married, with no human kids, just the furry kind. When we had acrage, we used to rescue cats and dogs as well.

Hey, if any of you would like to exchange letters, just leave a message.

Have purrfect day. Meow for now.

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Hi Sandie! Definitely sounds like you have your hands full! I may be getting in touch w/ you about the rescue thing. Hubby and I are getting 5 acres and that is our dream! So glad you found the site and I'm sure you have a lot of knowledge and stories to share w/ us.
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Hi Sandie, welcome to TCS!
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Sounds like, with 7, you are STILL involved in rescue
I'm in Florida, a long way from you, but have thought that when I retire I might do rescue either with an established group, or just trotting the shelters on my own.
Any advice? Thanks in advance,
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Hi Nelle

We Aren't In Rescuing Anymore Right Now Anyway. We Don't Have The Right Place Right Now. We Took In Any Kitty That Needed A Home And We Were Just Careful On Her We Adopted To. We Also Tried To Stay In Touch With The New Parents Too.
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Hello there, I am also new here and I must say I love your city..I've been to Vancouver and the nearby towns 3 times in the past 5 years, I have 3 cousins and an Uncle who live there. You have the best parks I have ever seen....
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Hi KittyDaddy.
I glad you like Kamloops. It is very nice city. Thanx for your reply.
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Hi there Sandie, Welcome to TCS. I recently joined too (I'm in Sydney, Australia) and am sure you will find this site very useful. I have 2 Devon Rexes as you see below, who might even call Canada home some day soon! I used to live in Vancouver in 97/98 and my hubbie and I are trying to immigrate. If we do we'll be packing up everything including Ted & Ellie. I'm hoping they enjoy the central heating!!
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!!

See you on the forums!
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Hi Sandie! welcome to TCS! Bless you for giving those kitties a wonderful home! Hope to see some pics of your furfamily soon!
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