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Possible Pregnancy advice

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I became the proud owner of a beautiful tiger and white tabby Friday afternoon.

I took her home and picked her up, and her belly felt hard. Her little nipples were sticking out a bit.

I ran her to the vets Saturday, because I though the kitten was 3 to 5 months old and couldn't understand why her nipples were extended and her belly was hard, I was thinking impacted bowel or something. The vet said that Tammy ( my new girl) was actually 8 to 9 months old and had been outside for some time.

I need help here. It has been 20 years or better since I had to deal with a pregnant or possibly pregnant cat. I want to give her a 4-1 shot, but I understand that she needs "killed" vaccines and I am checking with UPCO as we speak.

I could be wrong in all this, but can anyone give me the beginning symptoms of pregancy? She is very lovey but not the same as if she was in heat. I am feeding her kitten chow because I think she needs a buildup of protein, only God know what she has been eating.

Any help, advice, suggestions will be gratefully appreciated.
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the first i knew missy was pregnant was the symptoms you have described x
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If you haven't already, you might want to read this post:


for some helpful links. If you find you have specific questions, don't hesitate to ask - a lot of us here have either had kittens recently or are going through a pregnancy so there's always someone around with good, firsthand experience to share.

Welcome to the Pregnant Cats and Kitten Care Forum *smile*

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That link she gave helped me out a lot too when I wanted to know was my baby pregnant. The other BIG show is the pinking of the nipples. I don't know if you have had her long enough to tell if there is a difference in the nipples or not, but at first my baby's was flat, then I noticed that they began to become way more pink and protrude out more. That is really the only sign I had b/c she was always greedy. By the end you could tell hands down b/c of weight gain, baby movement, but my four-legged child wasn't normal She NEVER stopped eating, but she slept alot
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