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silly cat tricks?

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Pyewackett is a 6 yr old shorthair fawn tabby. If I scratch him above his tail and say the magic words "who's mommy's puffy-pye?" every hair on his body will stand on end and he'll look like a big ol powder puff. He gets HUGE.

Now, if I scratch the very same place and say something totally different, he will enjoy the little scratch but keep his fur down. Only when I say the words "puffy-pye" will he puff up on cue, happy to do so!

does anyone else's cat puff-up when told or is Pye truly the exception he claims to be?

I don't know if puffing out qualifies as a "trick", but I get a kick out of it and wonder if anyone else's cat does anything similar?
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I think it does qualify as a trick - sort of like clicker training without the clicker.
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While not a major 'trick', our cat Tsuki loves to jump over my lap when we're sitting watching tv on the couch. She'll be sitting on one side of me, look up & make a little 'churrup' and I'll then pat the other side of the couch, and she'll hop over and look up proud as can be. We'll do this 4 or 5 times, and she seems to love it more each time. (Of course I do rub her and tell her how wonderful she is to do this-- or is it that I'm proud she's 'trained me so well'
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my cat doesnt but he like to be scratched in this place and he get more alert when i do so!


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