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Which is "chattier"?

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Both of my male cats meow very little. But, my female, Emmy, never shuts up! She meows all the time. (But she is just like her Meowmy...I never shut up, either. )
So, it got me to wondering....are female cats more "chatty"?
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I have only one, so I'm biased, but I voted girl. This is an interesting thread.
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I'm the chattiest in my house. My kitties are both boys and they are both chatty. Miagi is all the time but Tiger is when he wants me to wake up
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I have a chatty girl, a chatty boy and an articulate boy.
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We only have one male with our three girls, but the girls are definitely the talkers..
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I have two chatters, 1 girl, 1 boy, and 2 quiet girls.

ETA: no sure it counts as chatting - usually they are placing demands rather than conversing, as such.
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Oscar is EXTREMELY chatty for a boy! He looooooooves to talk to us and boy, does it get overdone He is very dramatic
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I've only ever had 1 male cat and he doesn't talk much at all. Some of my girls do but some don't.
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I have a fairly quiet (mostly) resident girl, but I've had two foster girls who chatted up a storm.
I've also had male fosters who were quiet and male fosters who wouldnt stop talking. I'm not sure what to put.
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Sash is a very chatty little boy. Boy, can that boy be demanding when he want's something! I've been calling him "mouthy" lately.
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Originally Posted by lisalee
Sash is a very chatty little boy. Boy, can that boy be demanding when he want's something! I've been calling him "mouthy" lately.

I have a 2 boys and a girl that talk A LOT !! One of them Im going to put a muzzle on ...just kidding..... Last night I was calling to doo doo (Ducky) and Laura kept saying "meow" and I said "Im talking to doo doo" she said, "meow" after this went back and forth FOREVER I finally figured out she wants me to call her doo doo, too
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Originally Posted by Pami
I finally figured out she wants me to call her doo doo, too

too funny.
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My females(Abby and Lilly espically) are the chattiest!! Man oh man can they make some noise!! My boys-well Sherman anyways is so quiet, he hardly ever makes a peep, unless hes on his way to the vets....lol.
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We're a house full of girls here!Sierra talks when she has something to say, the most beautiful voice in all the world, and I adore Serenity's little birdie chirp!
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Both of my girls are....they try to out Meow eachother lol
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Well I only have one kitty and she's a girl. But she is very chatty. Especially at breakfast time. But sometimes she will sit and wail like a cat in heat and she's been spayed for a LONG time now. She will also chirp a bit when I am petting her and if I am on the telephone she comes and sits on my chest and meows. And everyone who talks on the telephone is like hello Tavia. They all think she's such a little dollbaby but a chatty one.
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Cajun and Emily are my talkers, but sometimes Cubby says some weird things too...
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I voted Male but I only have males..... My FH's 2 females talk alot too.
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My 3 girls talk a lot more than my 2 males. Both boys and one female were former ferals or stray so I just figures that was the reason. Since they adopted us they all started talking a lot more. I don't think they will ever be as chatty as Princess and Patsy though.
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At the moment I have all girls, of whom Cindy is the chatty one, paws down. Fawn squeaks, and Suzy talks if we're not paying enough attention, but she's not an attention seeker, so that has to be pretty serious.

Of my RB kitties, Shasta (girl) was mouthy, Samantha (girl) was mouthier (my little Drama Queen), Gryphon (boy) relied more on a soft paw on the leg to get attention, and Nibs (boy) was a mouthy Siamese. So I think it kind of averages out in my experience, but I voted based on the current situation.
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Originally Posted by crazy4cats28
Both boys and one female were former ferals or stray so I just figures that was the reason.
That raises an interesting point. However, in my house, both Emmy and Samson were shelter rescues. Like I said, Emmy just doesn't shut up (not that I really want her to), but Samson very seldom meows. In fact, when he does, it sounds more like a squeak.
Ranger was a "free to good home" cat and he only meows to demand something (usually ice cream). And that is the sound of his meow........more like he's saying "NOW!" He sounds like he's "yelling" his meow!
The one thing I have noticed with my chatty Emmy, is she's getting more chatty as she gets older, and she's only 6!
Thanks everyone who has already voted! But it's definitely looking like females are definitely more talkative, however, there's still a couple of weeks of voting left.
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Ari is more of the talker here, Topaz only says something when she wants breakfast.

Of past cats, our males were the conversationalists while the girls only talked if it was important - like the time Sheba gave her mate "what for" the time he stayed out all night. I'm sure Solomon's ear hairs were singed by the time she finished. (And it was a good month before she would stop threatening him with physical punishment! )
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I have three very quiet kitties (Katie, Pete and Claire). Then there's Gracie. She talks enough for all of them, and can be downright bossy at times!
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My boy is much chattier than my girl! But he is part Siamese and I have heard that they are very chatty.
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Katie loves to talk to me, she keeps me filled about all the gossip.
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My chattier ones were both boys. One was part Siamese and the other a Burmese. My dshs (2 girls & 1 boy) were not chatty.
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Zakk is pretty darn loud when he wants to be. I heard about his breakfast yesterday morning. Suzie talks more than her brother, and she sorta murbles. Rocky is the quietest, but he also whines a lot when trying to get attention.
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Joey never shuts up neither does Sophia...when she wants out in her kittywalk. Bella just says hmph when I look at her and Severino Chirps...some weird persian thing I guess!!!
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Davidson is my little talker I just love hearing those little meow's!

Harley is a talker too, usually when I get home from work, other than that, he's pretty quiet, unless him and Davidson are running around together, sometimes it sounds like they are talking to eachother! Its adorable
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Whitey definitely likes to talk...more so than the girls.
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