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Another question about Teazer...

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Hi again. I had one other question that I wondered if I should be concerned about. Teazer had surgery at the beginning of the month to remove a low grade tumor. There's a spot along her old insicion (sp?) line that has turned kinda blackish. But her fur is growing back in (though slower than I had expected), and she's part Abbysinian and part Siamese and it can be kinda hard to tell what is the skin being a certain color and what is the very fine fur making it look that way. Am I being a paranoid Meowmy, or is this something I should mention to my vet when I talk to him about the bladder infection on Monday? Thanks!
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I mention EVERYTHING to my vet.... I figured better safe than sorry and it is reassuring if they have an explanation. As you are going Monday I would mention it anyway.... you may be a worried Meowmy, but that's what they're there for!!
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Right- if you're going to be there anyway there's no reason not to mention it. Get your money's worth!
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Very true. She actually doesn't have an appointment, and I have to be out of town tomorrow for something I can't cancel, so my mom is going to call the vet.

They're really good about getting people in, even if they don't have an appointment. Like they'll have you drop your pet off for the day and they'll take a look between patients, or the tech will take really good notes, and talk to the vet, and the vet will decide if they need to see the pet urgently, or if it can wait a few days, or if it's a problem they've had many times before, sometimes they'll put through a prescription (but they're VERY careful about who and what they do that for!). My vet's are really good like that.

So Mom's going to call. Especially since T is on her second bladder infection this month! It's either the second one or the first one never really went away. Blah! I'm so worried, but you all know what that feels like!

Thank you everyone for your support!
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May I ask what your baby girl is eating???

Oh and do mention it to the vet ...
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Originally Posted by sharky
May I ask what your baby girl is eating???
T is part Abysinian, & they tend to have touchy tummies, as she got older, I had to stop giving her all canned cat foods because she just threw them up, & she threw up all the dry food too. The vet felt it was because of the junk in the cat food we were buying (generic Albertsons store brand, no wonder!). After trying several dry foods, we settled on the Purina (?) Indoor Cat Formula. Our vet is very fond of it cause it has chicken and lamb & other natural good stuff in there, + stuff she doesn't get by being an indoor only cat. She stopped chewing on the house plants after she got that. She's been on it for the better part of a year with no problems. As a sub for wet food and when we need to slip her a pill, she gets a little bit (maybe 2 tsp.) of moistened, ground-up, plain, natural boiled chicken breast. She reacts very well to that (but she will NOT eat dark meat! ) So that's what she eats.

She also gets water out of the Brita pitcher (yes, we bought a Brita pitcher for the cat!), because our water here tends to be very near (sometimes over) the limit on copper and that can cause stomach irritation and kidney problems in cats and humans, so it's good for all of us.

Any thoughts would be welcome!
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I may try the feliway plug-in thing I've heard about, she can be a tad high strung. I did a search and there was really nothing! She isnt' incontinant, she doesn't have Feline Leaukemia. I'm totally stumped. Maybe the Feliway will help. Cause the stress level will go up some when I move away to college and she stays with my mom. She loves my mom though! She misses her enclosed porch though I think.

Well, my mom called the vet yesterday and they were booked, but they asked a hundred questions (which I made sure my mom knew the answer to before I had to head out of town), and then the tech took her notes to the vet. He called back and said that since she's eating and starting to drink again and using the litter box, he wanted to try her on the antibiotic first, before ordering all kinds of expensive and stressful tests. They're so good about helping people even when they're booked solid. They told us what signs to look for that will show she's getting worse and said that if the blood didn't go away after the antibiotic or she got worse to bring her in immeadiatly. I also got some of that cat litter that changes color if the ph in the cat's urine is off and we'll put it in her box next week after the antibiotic is gone. Cause right now it would definatly be off!

Oh and Mom mentioned the spot on her leg and they asked all kinds of questions and they weren't concerned, so I fee better. :oD

Keep your fingers crossed! Thank you all for the ideas, thoughts, advice, and support! I'll keep you all updated. Let me know if anyone thinks of anything!
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I just had a thought and thought I'd get some feedback...

Lately it seems like the only thing T is drinking from is my mom's fish tank. Do you think the chemicals in the tank could be throwing her system out of whack? That and she has goldfish and they produce a lot of ammonia... What do you all think?

Btw, to make life easier, since I'm posting the same stuff and answering the same questions on two threads I'm going to ask everyone to read and post on this one: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=94303

Thank you!!
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