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Originally Posted by menagerie mama
I recently did the same thing, chopped it pretty bad off the sides. I wanted the sides to "flip" out, and my hair was just too long to do it. Boy do I regret it [i]except[i] flip it out! I can't do anything with it, and it's no longer bike friendly! I used to be able to put it in a ponytail when I got on the bike, and then take it out when we made stops and it would look great, but now I have to wear it in pigtails and barrettes in the bike! I want my old hair back!
Thats a reason again, why I want my hair longer!

Whenever we are on the bike - which is everyday, I like to be able to put it up - if its as short as it used to be, its impossible to have decent hair! It looks horrible!

It seems as tho a lot of you ladies have longer hair - lucky!

Someday I'll be there!
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I have short, short hair...like 2 1/2-3" long. I tried to grow it out again, but I only made it 2 months then I cut it. I look dumb with long hair & my short spikey hair if fun! I dreada the day I decide to actually grow my hair out because it will not be fun.
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I had hair to my waist up until I was probably 22 then had to get it cut because I was dying it a very dark color and then wanted to go blonde and it was too damaged.. Ever since it's been between chin and shoulder length.. I'll let it get to my shoulders and then wuss out and cut it again Right now it's the longest in probably 3 years, it's about an inch past my shoulders in the back!! I'm trying to let it get to at least midback and am even considering professional hair extensions. I just want my long hair back!!
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Originally Posted by gemlady
Ah, one of the follicle-y challenged has come among us?

My hair was butt long, too, until one day I was taking a shower and the ends somehow ended up stuck in my butt crack! Ouch!

Mine is about an inch below my bra.... but I always have that same problem! Usually after I wash & condition my hair.... I think some of it falls out, and then conveniently slides down my back to my butt crack.... I have to make sure I dry off really well! One time my husband kept feeling this little tickle on his backside... so he sticks his hand down there and comes up with one of my loooooong hairs! He's like "UGH! YOU & YOUR GOSH DARN HAIRS!!!" (only think more colorful words ) It was SO funny!!!

My hair is pretty long... I have to get it cut every 4-6 weeks or it would be to the floor. My SIL is constantly referring to me as Pocahontas....cause it's long, and poker straight, grows like weeds, and would be very dark if I didn't get highlights!
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I have that spiral curly hair. Everyone just LOVES it. I HATE IT!! Because I will straighten my hair, go to bed, and since I have night sweats, its all curly in the morning.

My hair is at my chin when straight, and above my chin when curly.

If I straighten it and it rains or very humid, it's wavy, frizzy, or curly.

I consider I have a love hate relationship with my hair.
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I'm with ya Kenz, I've always had really long pretty hair, but the past couple of years I just keep chopping shorter and shorter. I just recently got it chopped well above my shoulders. I like it but its so dang short you can't do anything with it at all! I keep saying Im going to grow my hair long again, but once it gets to that ugly transition stage I start a'choppin again! Lol. I'll never make it. Ugh.
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I always had short hair as a kid. My mom claimed it was because she thought it looked nicer short, but in reality, she just didn't want to deal with two daughters with long hair. When I got old enough to decide for myself, I started growing it out, and it reached my butt by the end of high school. When I started university, I decided I need a new look to go with my new life, and I went in to my hairdresser and had her chop it all off. Big mistake! It turns out that my thick, curly hair instantly turns into a poodle cut when it doesn't have the weight of long strands to pull it down. It also turns out that short hair in a 'do requires a lot more maintenance than long hair in a ponytail. And I'm a low-maintenance kinda gal. I started growing it back out immediately.

So now, eight years later, my hair is back down to my butt, and I keep meaning to give it a trim. It's thick, it's curly, and it's a very dark brown (almost black), so in this heat I'm tempted to chop it all off just so I can cool down a little! My chief complaint, aside from the sheer weight and heat of it, is that I never really learned how to do things with my hair. I can put it back in a bun, or in a sloppy bun, or a ponytail, or in two braids, but that's about it. I try things with my hair, but I just don't have the patience to really make it look good; I think my hair is wasted on me.
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