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I wish mine would grow back to the length it was in high school, it touched below the backs of my knees, almost mid calf. Then I set fire to it, (long story) and it burned to waist level. Then of course I had to have the burnt ends trimmed off. The "trim" turned out to be shoulder length. I was devestated!
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This was sometime ago... it's about 5 inches longer now but you get the idea
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When I was 15 I took myself to the salon and had my 'able to sit on' hair to shoulder length, my mum was devastated, but I have since grown it back, I can get it to waist length but it starts to look very messy
And that pic was taken the day I had it cut, it doesn't usually doesn't look so nice and rain or humidity kills it and I get ringlets!
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Originally Posted by DixieDarlin256
This was sometime ago... it's about 5 inches longer now but you get the idea
Well aint you just as cute as a button!
I have long hair, and I love it. I wouldnt have it any other way.
I had short hair before, and ugh..I just hated it. My face looks to fat then.
I love it because I need to wear it up at work, and I can do sooo many cute things with it. And at formal events I can curl it all cute.
I just like to style my hair with my mood, and having long hair really helps alot. Alot of people say they wish they had long again so they could do more with it.
I love my hair. Although, I shouldnt have messed with it so much when I was younger, because it's already telling me I should have stopped after the first time. I bleached my hair all throughout high-school, and now I'm seeing why I should not have done that.
Split ends every time about 4 weeks after getting them cut off.
Well Mackenzie, I am ALL FOR you having long hair. I think it'd be cute. But I do like the style you have. It really does match your personality. Sassy like you said. And I know you as an outdoorsy/yet stylish kind of chic, and I think your hair-do is perfect for that.
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Since we are all sharing pics, This pic was Taken in June, I have fine hair too so i need a cut!!

Its actually longer than that, but because its so layered you cant see the longer hair that is at the back!

I have to find a good hairdreser in frankfurt that wont charge me so much!
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sorry i just have to ask, whats hair?
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Originally Posted by theimp98
sorry i just have to ask, whats hair?
Ah, one of the follicle-y challenged has come among us?

My hair was butt long, too, until one day I was taking a shower and the ends somehow ended up stuck in my butt crack! Ouch!

These days it's not as long, thinning, and getting all these curly white hairs! (I would have to take after Dad's side on this. My maternal grandfather didn't really go gray until his 70's! Same with Mom.)

I like it longer and never want it cut short! (It was jawline long a few years durig grade school.)
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My hair is a little bit past my shoulders but I think when I go in next month I'm going to get a good 2-3 inches chopped off. With this hot weather I'm always wearing it up. Plus even with conditioner I am getting alot of tangled hair.
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Here's mine, only difference now is that my bangs are grown out, same length as the rest.
Yes, the top is pulled back in a ponytail.
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My hair was long to my butt when I was really young too and I got it cut shorter and shorter as I got older. The last time I got it cut was February. I am growing it out for my sister's wedding Spetember 30 and I HATE it being long! Especially with the weather at 94 during the day It is now past my shoulders and thick. I haven't had it this long for as long as I can remember. I have thick hair but its very healthy

I am getting it cut October 2nd(Monday after the wedding) on my lunch break so I don't have to deal with it anymore! The next time it will be this long is for MY wedding!
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I live in a constant state of growing my hair out and then chopping it all off. It looks much healthier short, my hair is VERY fine and very thin. The stylist once told me that cutting my hair is like cutting air! I need to get it chopped off again. Right now, its just long enough to pull back into a stubby pony tail, so at least its off my neck for the summer!
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I so want long hair. I am actually in the process of growing mine out after a really horrible haircut on my birthday in January. My mom took me to a new stylist (mistake) who cut my very top "layers" to about 3 inches (No joke) I hade a mullet type bufont. Took me 6 months to grow it out long enough to go to my regular stylist to have it fixed! Now its right about my shoulders. I want to have it about 1/2 down my back. We will see how that works out. I have fine slightly wave hair (causes tons of frizz) and a lot of it.
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My hair grows like a weed.. and I hate it long.. I can't get it short enough.

Right now it is just past touching my shoulders, and that is way to long for me right now. especially in the summer.
So I ahve been pulling it up into a ponytail, to keep the hair off my neck, but the hair in the front isn't long enough to it falls out, and then I look like a fruitcake.
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Mine is thin and fine and falls to my behind. I've been growing it out for the last 21 years, LOL.

I got my Nana's bad hair gene, and it is getting thinner and thinner, so it'll have to get chopped someday, but until then I just can't give it up. I love the feel of it on my bare back when I'm in a tank top, and when I'm on my Harley I just wear it in 1 or 2 braids. I like ponytails, most often wear it in a pony or a bun to the office.

I just love long hair, on women AND on men. Not enough guys have long hair anymore - I even kind of miss the mullet, LOL!!!! (By the way, I also think bald is beautiful, but this thread is about hair, so I went there, LOL!)
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I dislike long hair on guys.. only a few can pull it off and still look good, IMO.
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As a child my mother always made me wear my hair short, in a "pixie cute". All through out my adult life, I continured to wear it short, until about 3 years ago, when I decided to let it grow. My hair grows very slowly, and now it's down to my waist. I can't stand it on my neck, though, especially in the hot weather, so I usually aways wear it in a ponytail. Right now, I have it up on top of my head in a sort of bun thing, because it's been too hot to even feel the ponytail on my neck.
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Ugh! Somedays I'm willing ready to shave my head and deal with wigs!!!

Anyhoo, I have the type of hair that grows forward naturally. So it's always in my face (and always will be). The thing I don't like about hairstylists though is that they recognize this and emphasize it in the hair-do. The cut looks awesome I'll love it, until I try to walk. Most times they block my right eye.
So here I am, walking out of the salon looking sexy, but with my thick hair blocking my right eye I can't see anything. Then I trip and fall. Total Miss Congeniality.

I keep mine chin length and that's as far as it will go (short wise). My mom is always bugging me to get it cut REALLY short...she says that I would look more awake. NO WAY!!! It's because I use to get the Dorthy Hamil haircut just like her when I was a kid...she really misses that.

They do have one aweful picture of me as a kid...let's just say I really wanted the Annie haircut and with straight, thick hair, it looked hilarious on me after the perm.
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Mine is naturally curly (which I like) and I wear it short. I have no talent in setting my hair. The important thing for me is to get a good haircut. Then when it is still wet after a shampoo, I comb it and flick my fingers through it. When it dries it is full of curls.
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mine is stick striahgt, & very fine - but thick! i currently have it fairly short... i cut it in march. it was about to my shoulder blades at the time. you can see it here: http://www.krumisd.net/education/sta...p?sectionid=47
anyway, i'm keeping it short for now. i'd really like it like this: http://www.totalhair.net/short-hair-...r-styles43.php
but my face is too square to pull this off - i need hair around my face
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I've been putting off going to the hairdresser for about 2 years now, since I went to a fancy Toronto salon where the guy butchered my hair. Talk about scissor happy. I ended up with really short hair and with my angular features I looked like a boy.
Now it's long and fine and annoying. I've never learned to actually do anything with it, so I just wear it in a ponytail.
Thinking of getting it cut chin length and putting a few curls in it. Gotta dye it to though.
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I have hair half way down my back. I love it because I look hideous w/ short hair. I do though want to cut it sooooooooooo bad, it gets hot, it is thick, long and fine too. I let my mom trim it when I get dead ends or something. Otherwise I am too chicken to cut it.
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When hubby and I first got together, my hair was down to my knees.It would take 48 hours to dry all the way through .I kept it until the birth of our son (my 3rd child) and then cut it off to my bra strap area.I let it get long again.
When my Dad was diagnosed with stage 4 Throat Cancer, I had 14 inches cut off and donated it to Locks of Love. I now keep it shoulder length and LOVE it this way.I have medium layers put in it.
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I have long straight blonde hair to the middle of my back. Once and a while I trim it and have long layers added. I have to admit, that my hair is one of my better features...this is one part of my body I actually appreciate!

My hubby used to call he his "blonde hussy." :smile:

I too, look rather d-u-m-b with short hair, though. I'll probably never cut mine off, although occassionally I bring it up to a little below my shoulders...it depends a lot on what students I have from year to year, actually. I teach special ed, and this year, I'm going to have a fairly aggressive group of autistic 2nd and 3rd graders...I predict hair-pulling. Now that I think about it...I need to get a few inches off!
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When I was younger, I always had super long hair. I didnt actually cut it until I was probly in my teens...I mean CUT it short...lol. And then a few years ago I decided that cutting it short made me look "older" so I have had it short ever since then. I just dont see myself EVER growing it back out! Its so easy to style since its short, not to mention cooler. I totally love it!
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Oooo!!! I just chopped mine yesterday and yes, my hair is still in my face, but its not AS BAD! Totally looks cute.
I'll post a pic as soon as get one!
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I have really thick, long brownish red hair. It's almost down to my bum. I need a hair cut to get rid of some of the splitt ends though.

When I got my hair done for my wedding, the whole salon asked me if I had hair extentions in, but nope it was my real hair and I got the most compliments on my hair. My hair dresser wouldn't let me have a complete up do because she said I have too much hair and would give myself a neck and head ache. I love my hair!
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My hair is orange/copper with some dark streaks mixed in. It looks like my head is on fire basically. It is haircut I always struggle with. I want a short spiky mohawk type of haircut but I don't have the right face shape for that. I always had it spiky but thats it. Now I am letting it grow out. I want short little bangs but I have to grow it out first. I tried short bangs with short hair and I looked ridiculous. It looked like I had a helmet on. So I am growing it out, then I will cut the short bangs and do a Betty Page hairdo. She was beautiful and I would love to have her hairstyle. My hair is really thick and I think my the time it gets that long I will be sick of crazy colours and back to dying it black again so it'll be cool.
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I have long hair, a little past the middle of my back right now, and have basically had it that way for 12 years, I cut it to my shoulders once, and I felt totally nekkid with out it so I let it grow again. I have wavy, medium thickness brown hair, and my face is way to full to go with a shorter cut although I mostly wear it in a ponytail or flipped up in a jaw clip, it's nice to know is there
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I've never really done too much with my hair. I have sorta dark blonde/straw colored hair, pretty thin, and weird wavy (not curly/wavy enough to look pretty, so I have to straighten it). Used to have hair down most of my back with bangs when I was young. Let my bangs grow out when I was in middle school. Chopped it off to my chin in 8th grade *my mom almost died!* Let it grow back to a couple inches below my shoulder blades and kept it that way (with a few layers every once in a while) until after high-school graduation. Chopped it off up to my chin again, and DID NOT LIKE this time. Made me look to young, unfortunately.

This is a recent picture. http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i8...dpkatbeach.jpg Near Thanksgiving last year I got the long bangs cut it, and have loved it! Sometimes they don't want to cooperate fully, but usually its not too bad. I really need a trim right now, especially on my bangs. I would like to have hair down to close to my butt, but it is too thin. If it gets much longer than it is right now is starts to look way too flat!

I would sorta like to get mine cut shorter, b/c I think if I actually had a style (not just straight across at my chin like before) maybe it wouldn't make me look young. But I'm too scared to do it anytime soon!
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I recently did the same thing, chopped it pretty bad off the sides. I wanted the sides to "flip" out, and my hair was just too long to do it. Boy do I regret it [i]except[i] flip it out! I can't do anything with it, and it's no longer bike friendly! I used to be able to put it in a ponytail when I got on the bike, and then take it out when we made stops and it would look great, but now I have to wear it in pigtails and barrettes in the bike! I want my old hair back!
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