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Originally Posted by valanhb
OMG Trent puts his balls in his food bowl too! He used to put them in the water, too, but finally figured out that he couldn't get them back out without getting wet.

I'm waiting to find his current stash since we're in the process of moving. I cleaned under the fridge and found about 20. I haven't bought balls in a long time because we just go looking for his stash when we can't find any laying around!
I'm glad to know my little Jasmine isn't the only cat that does that! lol, for the longest time, my family and i have assumed our little sugar momma was the only kitty that did that! I have worked around hundreds of kitties and never had i seen one do that before- it's hysterical to watch. She'll growl at them, put them in her mouth, run around in circles while growling them in her mouth and strategically place them in water and food bowls- it's funny. Lol, i think Trent and Jasmine need to meet each other- we should make a little kitty "ball pit" for them lol . I feel ya on the refridgerator- i'm forever finding kitty toys under there and under my washer and dryer too
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Originally Posted by KittyLova
thats the samething charlie does!

I think Charlie, Trent, and Jasmine need to have a little get-to-gether lol
That would be hysterical to see 3 kitties going insane over those little pom balls.
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Oh and Tavia loves boxes. She likes trying to attack the box. Well for some reason she thinks there are mice in the box and will try and get them out.
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Thank you so much all of you, for your wonderful and speedy responses!

I'll be investing in a few of the things you have all mentioned! I'm sure Harley will be forever greatful to you all as well!
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