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How early is too early to have a drink in the morning (weekends)??

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So, how early do you think it is too early to have a cold frosty beer, frozen strawberry daiguiri or any of your favorite drink on a HOT weekend? Or when can you start drinking on a hot lazy weekend?

Also, when is the earliest time you have drank?

I would probably say 10 am would the earliest for me.
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In college we would have kegs and eggs parties that started around 7am. (Side note here, we didn't go to sleep the night before, that's why we were up).
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About lunch time.
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Depends, when do you get up in the morning
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I would say not to drink before noon..anytime before noon is breakfast time
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I guess I have a double standard when it comes to this... I think it's ok for my husband to drink while working outside on a Saturday afternoon. But us girls usually wait till 5'oclock cocktail hour. The exception to that rule would be if you were at a picnic or barbeque....then you can drink whenever you get there or whenever it starts. But I would never drink around my house during the day. I don't know why, but my SIL & sisters, & friends, we all kinda feel the same way...
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I would say about noon?
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Wine anyone?
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If I were going to drink I'd have to wait till late late afternoon...I don't drink hardly anymore
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In college, I would wake up still drunk! Ugh, now, I only drink red wine every other day; I get headaches just contemplating the idea of drinking anything else - lol. I'm glad I was able ot get the drinking out of my system in college
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Well, in my case it would depend on how soon I want to go to sleep. If I start drinking I will only remain awake for a certain amount of hours. not sure how many, but figure 2 or four hours of drinking and partying will lead to a good six hours of sleeping. So if I start at 10 in the morning, I am napping by 1 or 2, kinda wasting a day. Better for me to wait until around 6 pm then I can be in bed by 11 and get a good nights sleep.
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I am with you!! Alcohol puts me to sleep!!
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It depends on what I am doing. If I am laying out by the pool for the day I think it is perfectly ok to begin drinking Midori Sours around 11:00 or so. I wouldn't want to drink anything too strong, like martinis, because I don't want to spend the day drunk and unable to function I would hold off on those drinks until at least 5 or 6ish.
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I wouldn't probably drink earlier than 4pm normally.. If I were up all night though, I would keep drinking in the morning, because it's not the next day til you go to sleep. But I don't drink much anymore.
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I think a lot of restaurants start their brunch hour around 10am... and really, what's brunch without a mimosa?
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In Taiwan my dad used to let me have his cocktail, which was 1% alcohol. I am not sure where in the U.S. I can get a cocktail with so little alcohol in it.

I would think the less alcohol the drink contains, the eariler you can drink it.
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I will have a drink around noon on weekend. My BF on the other hand does not usually have a beer until 3 or 4 on weekend.

I have drank earlier when camping because I don't have to go anywhere and I can take a nap whenever I want
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On a sweltering sticky summer day, a frosty mojito tastes good no matter what time it is!!! (Hemmingway had the right idea)
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It really kind of depends on what we're doing that day. If our Saturday is devoted to yardwork, my husband will be ready for a beer by 11. I usually try to hold off until at least five or six for my first unless we have a babysitter for the weekend.
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As others have said, depends a lot on what's going on. Ordinarily, we'll have something late afternoon, but on a particularly hot day, or if we've been doing yardwork, we might crack a beer mid-afternoon. We normally have brunch somewhere between 10 and noon, and if it's a special one -- a holiday or with company or whatever -- a mimosa or bloody mary is a nice addition
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I forgot about Bloody Mary's. DH and I will usually have one every Sunday morning about 10. Also, in the case of late morning Razorback football games, its okay to start drinking as soon as you arrive at the tailgate, around 6:30 am!
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Bloody Marys or a Mimosa in the am, maybe a red beer in late am, go all out after lunch time.

I had a wild hair back in 95 and spent an entire weekend with a double rum and coke in my hands.
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Well, it is HOT now, about 100!! and I am ready for a cold drink. Anyone?
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Huuuumm....a hot, sticky, lazy weekend. For people with normal schedules, any time between about 5:30 Friday afternoon to about midnight Sunday.
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Its 94 here and I am definitely ready for a cold one. Unfortunatley, only 1 week 2 days into quitting smoking, DH and I are avoiding alcohol (one of our "triggers") altogether. Depending on how strong we think we are at the weekend, we *might* dare to buy a bottle of wine.
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"It's 5:00 Somewhere"
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What in the world is a mimosa. I'm a drinker. I drink often. And well umm..I've honestly never heard of it. Is it good? Is it girly?
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Originally Posted by lilleah
What in the world is a mimosa. I'm a drinker. I drink often. And well umm..I've honestly never heard of it. Is it good? Is it girly?
Champagne and orange juice. Very girly and very good!
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We rarely drink and if I had a beer during the day, I'd be asleep the rest of the day.

My brother calls John "six-pack" (six beer and he's drunk).
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Originally Posted by Jenny82
"It's 5:00 Somewhere"

That is very very true. That should be my motto.
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