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I was surprised to see Josh cry. And, I admit, I was touched by his loyalty to Roddy. I can't forget the way he refers to women, however, and his absolutely hateful treatment of Gerry. I don't think it was necessary for the show to reveal Gerry's personal habits. They really have the power to sway public opinion, don't they? Typical Big Brother, just like the book! Have you all read 1984, by the way?
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Does anyone think that all that crying by Josh last night could be a ploy for sympathy? I felt badly for him too, and I think that Roddy will be booted out tonight, but Josh has said and done so many conflicting things, I don't know if he can be believed.

Gerry, Danielle, Marcellus, and (possibly) Lisa want Roddy out so that he cannot be an ally for Chiara or Eric (If he comes back). They only need 3 votes to evict Roddy.
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Jeanie - I did read the book. I enjoyed it (even though it was for school). I really feel that Roddy is gone and that only Jason will vote to keep him!
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I know it was required reading. I taught it one day when I was subbing in the public schools. It was a best seller before that, though. I'm afraid you're right about Roddy. He seemed to be ok. I don't know how he became such good friends with two characters like Chiara and Josh!
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Well - Joshie is gone! I think they would have been smarter to get rid of Roddy, but oh well, we don't know everything that is going on in the house. I am really suprised that Lisa voted for Amy to come back in the house. Maybe she thought that Eric would team with Chiara and Roddy and she really wants them gone! I can't believe Roddy wimped out with the squid! I wonder who will get HoH and how long they will stay in there. I think Daniela wants it the most. I have to remember that it is on tonight and not tomorrow. Poor Debby - she set the VCR to tape tomorrow and not tonight!
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I can't believe Josh is out. All they talked about all week was that Roddy was the biggest threat, and then they finally voted out Josh. Danielle is the one who really surprised me; she really campaigned to vote out Roddy! Just as the HOH competition started, the phone rang. It was my daughter-in-law, who is pregnant and could have the baby any day, so I had to talk to her. She just wanted to keep me posted, which I asked her to do, of course. Why didn't she wait 5 minutes? All I know was that there's a squid in the water. I would have loved to see the whole bit! Oh, and Amy???? is back. Where's the stomach medicine; I'm feeling a bit ill.
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I really think that things are going to get very interesting with Amy being HOH. I can not wait for next week!!!
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Friday to Wednesday is just too long without BB3! This thread got bumped to page 2... I felt compelled to bring it back to the top, even though there's not much to say. At least we get 2 hours tomorrow.

I was sitting there with my mouth hanging open when they voted unanimously to evict Josh. I have no idea what happened in between the time they agreed to get rid of Roddy and eviction time.

We've seen so little of Amy since she returned - it will be very interesting to see what she will do with HOH. I truly have no idea, or even a theory.
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Not only do we have no idea, but evidently Julie had no idea. They must have got together in secret, but how is that possible? Julie said very clearly that all the information they had indicated that Roddy was going to be voted off!
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Yes, for the first time, she seemed surprised. Although she did say something about *until a couple of days ago* or something like that when referring to the time when Josh had the votes to stay in the house. Maybe when Josh started campaigning against Roddy or trying to gain sympathy or whatever, they changed their minds. Whatever happened, the producers sure didn't show us. Maybe they wrote it down under a blanket or something. Do they have access to writing instruments? Or maybe they just all changed their minds separately? That would just be too coincidental... I don't remember if the voters had any sort of reaction to the eviction, the cameras were pretty focused on Josh and Roddy.

Does anyone have a clear idea of what Josh was saying to Roddy as the vote was being announced? He reached over and patted Roddy on the shoulder and started saying something during the pause between Julie saying "By a vote of 5 to 0" and then announcing that Josh was evicted. It was a weird thing to do, I thought. I would be sitting there waiting until the final decision was announced - I could never be that confident of what was going to happen that I would start talking in the middle of the announcement. But that's just me, and I am certainly not on the same wavelength as Josh...
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I like the idea that the house guests might find a way to fool Big Brother! Wouldn't that be great? Remember the book? How we all rooted for the protaganist to find a way to communicate without being discovered? Well, I'm sure the women have eyeliner, if nothing else. They'd have to be pretty slick, though.
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Ady, you are right! I had the vcr set to tape sat. night, not Friday night.

So I missed it, but a friend of mine told me that Amy won HOH. I missed most of Thursday night's too, since I was in labor...I could not concentrate on it, but did get to watch the tape when I got home.

I was shocked the most by Lisa not voting to have Eric return to the house. Whta on earth is up with that??? Did I miss something???? I mean, last I knew she was devestated that he had been evicted!!!!! What is he going to think when he sees that???

Tonight is two hours!!! Yaaaay!!! And Sheryl Crow....I like her!
Should be a good show!!!

Glad Josh is out, although I did see a diferent side of him, too...and thought maybe he's not so bad after all. I think I would rather see Chiara leave than him, that's how much I can't stand her.
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Debby, we were all puzzled by Lisa voting against Eric. I guess she really wants to won. Of course, it's quite possible that outside the house they just won't get along as well, so maybe she was wise to consider him a threat. Excuse my ignorance, but who is Sheryl Crow?

I'm so glad we get two hours tonight; we deserve it!! Saturday wasn't much to brag about.
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Sheryl Crow is a singer. She is really good, I have a couple of her CD's. She is supposed to be popping into the house tonight for a visit!
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I don't know how I missed that. Maybe that was shown when my daughter-in-law called me during the show. There ought to be a law against calling Big Brother fans on certain nights! Debby, welcome home. You don't know how happy I am!
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Well, I understand why Lisa voted for Amy. She knew that Eric would team up with Roddy and Chiara and would not understand her need to get them out after what they did to her!

That Chiara is one nasty witch! She is crude, rude and just down ride mean! Roddy is playing on Marcellas' attraction for him and Danialla is playing the poor me routine. I want Jason to win. If he doesn't, then Lisa (she does have a cat and has turned her attitude around).
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I'm not a die hard BB3 fan, but I do watch most of the shows. I thought Danielle was really great at the beginning, but I am starting to hate her now!!! She thinks that she is in control of everything, and that "poor me" act has GOT to go!!!!!!!

I think Jason or Roddy in the end will probably take away the cash. There is nobody there that I really like other than them. All the women are *itches, and I hope none of them win.:tounge2: I'm so mean!!!
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What happened???? Someone please fill me in!
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Amy put up Chiara and Roddy for eviction. Gerry won Power of Veto, and did not use it.
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I'm disappointed in Danielle now too. Of course, everyone has to use some kind of strategy if they want to win. We have learned over the last few reality shows that just being a good person doesn't win the game! There is a life-changing amount of money at stake. But I think Daniella's over confidence and power hunger is what's turning me off. Jason's my favorite now. I think it's disgusting for Roddy to play to Marcellas' homosexuality. Other than that and his poor taste in women he seemed to be ok. That leaves Jason. I admire his character.
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You made me laugh when you said how Roddy plays off of Marcella's homosexuality. But you know, it got me to thinking. If it was a girl, and Roddy was "flirting" or whatever to get ahead in the game then it would be totally acceptable, and even considered normal. But because its a man it gets everyone in an uproar.

Funny how the world is.
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If Roddy were homosexual, It would be expected. I might not personally agree with that lifestyle, but I've certainly had friends and co-workers who were homosexual. Only once did I see one of them "flirt" with another man, and I did squirm. I think it's probably a genetic predisposition, but I'm not comfortable seeing the actual interaction. My friends and I talk music, not sexuality. Of course, they didn't see me interact with my husband, either.
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Thank goodness they got rid of that witch Chiara tonight!!!!

I am starting to not care for Danielle much either, she is getting on my nerves, and she is so sure she will win.

I hope Jason wins.

I wonder who he will nominate????
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I only got to see the last five minutes last night. Amy looked really mad....what was that all about?

I also hope Jason wins, though I continue to like Danielle. I think she is the smartest of the group.

I think Jason is sweet and he is absolutely gorgeous (though he is probably young enough to be my son!)
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So glad Chiara got the boot. I don't like her at all. And what was with all the crying?????? Its a frieking game!!!!!!!!!!!! And she was acting like she was NEVER going to see these people again, I mean, she can still see them all on the outside world. Give me a break!! And all of THEM were crying too, and they are the ones who voted her out. I could only laugh, sometimes it is just toooo unrealistic for me.

I definitly do not like Danielle, nor anybody else w/ the exception of Jason really. Roddy is ok I guess. I think/hope Jason takes the cash!
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I am so happy Kiki is gone and the Jason won HoH. I wonder who he will put up. I bet on Roddy and Gerry.
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The look on Amy's face was puzzling. I can only surmise that she was thinking that no one cried for her like that, or that it was easy for Chiara to plot to get rid of others, but a different story when she was the one getting the boot. Everyone says, "It's not personal," but when someone's head is on the chopping block it's very personal to her! I felt no pity for Chiara, because I found no redeeming qualities in her. I'm sure she has them; I just didn't see them.
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I think Jason was right when he said he just gave Roddy the game. I was sooo disappointed that he didn't nominate Roddy. I can understand nominating Amy - she did sort of get an easy time of it, vacationing and getting back into the game, plus she was getting a little out of hand with the drinking and grabbing other people's stuff.

Roddy is very charming, and really pushes Jason's guilt buttons well. But then he does that to everybody, including hitting on and prancing in from of Marcellas. I thought that was pretty low, and would have even if it was a girl who had such a sexual crush on Roddy, but nobody does, not even Chiara. Marcellas is a sensitive and not entirely self-assured guy, and that was the button Roddy pushed. He did the same thing to Amy before she left, even to the detriment of his relationship with Chiara. Amy's had some sort of change of heart about her feelings toward Roddy, she's more in control of them now, but Marcellas - it was like taking candy from a baby.

I hope someone uses the veto, just so that things get shaken up again. How boring that nearly nobody has used it.
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I agree!! I was really disappointed that he didn't nominate Roddy!!! I think he was afraid of Roddy's reaction if he did!! I realy like Jason...he has such a good heart, but I am afraid he might have just lost the game by not nominating Roddy!!!
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Jason deserves to win as he will not go against his moral character to win. It would be nice that if, unlike real life, that in the game the nice guy finishes 1st!
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