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Big Brother 3

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Well - who is going to watch this one? It starts on July 10th and it will be on my list of must see! I really have to work on this reality TV addiction!
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I don't get much of a chance to watch TV but.....I definately log onto the Big Brother site first thing the next morning after the showing and I make sure I'm up to date on all the info. Love it.
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I can't wait for BB3!!! I loved the last two, although I was not happy about who won the last one.

It is on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays right? Just want to be sure!!!

I am thrilled since there isn't much else to watch lately!!!
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I can't wait!! We've all been deprived too long! I'm trying to remember the one who won last time. I remember the bossy, witchy lady and Bunky really well--FANTABULOUS !!, and I know the bossy witch was among the last two, but.... Oh, well, bring it on!!
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Oh Jeanie, I can't think of his name, either! But he was the one who lied and schemed throughout the whole thing, which I guess since it is a game afterall, with alot of money at stake, is maybe a good way to win it, but morally, he was a louse!! He was a doctor, too I believe. Oh what was his name???
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I can't wait!!! I love reality television!!!!!
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Debby - his name was Will.

It is on Wednesday's Thursday's (vote out night) and Sunday's.

Just 2 more sleeps!
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Oh, yes! Will, the evil doctor! He really needed the money, too. (Right!) Thanks for the reminder.
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Thanks Ady! It was Will! I just couldn't remember!

Are you sure it is Wed, Thurs, and Sun? I could have sworn they said Sat. But maybe I am wrong.
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Debby you are right - Wed, Thursday and Sat

Here is the link to the new web site and it has bios on all the new players.

Big Brother 3

I like the looks of Roddy - the writer 30 years old from New Jersey.
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Thanks for the link! I am going to go check it out!!
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Checked it out briefly...and read about the houseguests.

Already I don't care for Amy or Lisa....they seem rather conceited, and Amy mentioned that one of her assets she was bring ing to the house was her beauty, and Lisa didn't sound much better.

Both Lisa and Josh own cats and listed them as what they would miss from home..but then again, that doesn't mean they are awesome people, bnecause I was fooled into thinking Silas on Survivor was going to be such a sweet guy since he was a cat lover, and listed missing his cat as one of the downfalls of being there, I guess I tend to think that men (or women) who have such a great love for cats can't be all bad, but in Silas's case....oh boy....I feel sorry for his cat.

I think Roddy, Eric and Jason seem like they would be nice guys, but who knows...time will tell. This will be interesting!
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Yeah - it starts tonight! It looks like that they have "pretty" people for the enjoyment of the viewing public. I really hope that there are some interesting characters there.
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Adrienne, I noticed the "pretty people" thing too. It seems that they have a token "father type" too. I don't know about a "mother" type. Isn't the oldest woman in her 30's ? Well, I can't wait!! I have to go check out the Mole thread. Did you post yet?
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eek! Not yet - thanks for reminding me!
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well, I hope somone can fill me in on what happened, because we were having some bad weather and the channel wouldn't come in, so I missed the whole thing. Par for my course today.
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Debby, I didn't get to watch it butI read up on what happened. Log onto: www.cbs.com and select Big Brother 3, you have the full "First meeting" story plus you get the description on each of the participants. Happy Catch up time!
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Well, we already have a pair of people we can "love to hate." Arrogant Josh and conceited Amy. I think this will be a really interesting Big Brother. I don't understand what some of the houseguests have against Marcellas. They said they got "bad vibes" from him. I didn't notice anything negative at all, except that he went to bed early. They didn't like him before he went to bed though, so.....it's beyond me. Maybe I'll feel different after a few episodes.
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Amy and Josh have got to go! I can't believe Lisa did not nominate Josh after hearing what he was saying to Jerry. I hope that Lori gets to stay - I think she is very nice.

Poor Jason is never going to hear the end of the fact that he is a virgin - I think Chiara wants him and won't let a little thing like virginity stop her! Roddy is gorgeous!
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There are quite a few gorgeous people on the show. I hope they're gorgeous on the inside too! Jason is a real doll baby! It's refreshing to find a young man with that much dedication to his faith. I hope he maintains it. It's not quite as surprising to find young women who make that decision, but sadly, it's still rare. Aside from God's law, it makes your married relationship so much more special. Yeah, I know; Jeanie's old-fashioned!! That's ok; I can take it!! p.s. I'd be tempted too! I'm not that old!
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I missed last nights show....who got evicted??
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Last night was nominations - Marcellas and Lori got nominated.
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Thanks to one of my dear friends, she taped most of the first episode and I got to watch it! After seeing Thursday night's episode...I agree, Josh and Amy have GOT to go!!!!! I really, really like Jason at this point, I hope he wins!

I think Marcellas is a little cheesy. I hope he goes and Lori stays. I too was hoping Lisa would nominate Josh....he was sure on pins and needles waiting to see if he was going to be "safe". What a jerk! I don't care much for Lisa, either.
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Can you believe the new twist from Saturday? They now can have the right to veto one of the nominees. Only prob is - if you do that then you may be taking there place! It could get interesting. I have decided I also don't like the teacher Gerry - the older "father" figure. He is playing too many angles.
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Ady, actually the person who holds the power of veto, can't be nominated to replace the person if they choose to "unnominate" one of the two. The HOH has to pick someone else, but not them. That's the way I took it anyway. I don't care for Gerry either. I wonder what he will do with this power?
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Debby - I just checked the CBS web site and it says there that you are correct! That may make them a target next time out!
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That is true...it may not gain them any popularity!
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I just watched for the first time last night. At first I liked Gerry, but then he became too mushy....and the whole race/gay thing he was bringing up seemed just for show. He didn't seem sincere at all when he was giving his little speech at the end of the show.

I really liked the black woman. She has spunk! I can't remember her name.

And I really disliked the guy who spoke sitting upside down in the chair the whole time....Josh...is that his name?

They didn't focus enough on anyone else for me to get a feel for them.

I hate that everyone is so darned beautiful (with at least one notable exception). I liked the first season best, when they had more real people.
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I have more respect for Gerry, although Marcellas gets on my nerves. Gerry might have been a bit melodramatic, but when the group said they got bad vibes from Marcellas, they barely knew him.
I would not miss Lisa one bit. Lori has a lot of spunk, doesn't she? She can be sweet, but she can obviously stand up for what she thinks is right!
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I like Lori....I hope they vote out that cheese brained Amy tonight and keep Lori.
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