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Weight Gain

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My 5-year-old male DSH has really begun to gain some weight. I think he must be about 14 lbs.

Just had his physical a few months ago. I carefully measure out his food. He turns his nose up at any people food, and rarely gets treats.

I hardly see him go to the food bowl all day; if he does and anyone comes in the room, he leaves immediately.

Question is: is it time for a visit to the vet? Can something be causing his weight gain, like a disorder?
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I think you should at least talk to your vet about this. If you know he's not having too many calories, then this can indicate a medical problem.
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Dear Deb,
Yeah, I would definitly take a trip to the vet! One of my cats was diagnozed with something serious, but that's him...I would take that trip hon, I wouldn't put it off.
God Bless You & Yours

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Thanks guys for your advice. I'll pursue it and let you know.
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It could be a thyroid disorder, and that can be diagnosed with blood tests. Let me know what the vet says. All my love to Squirt.
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Well, Squirt has an appointment with the vet on Monday. So I guess I'll know more then. Thanks everybody!
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Just got home from the vet. She says that Squirt is fine and healthy, but wants him on "light" food

Phew! What a relief!
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Im glad squirt is okay. Maybe it was just a minor growth spurt. I am sure its a huge load off of your mind!!
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Squirt knows better than to scare his mother like that. I'm glad everything is okay. Give your boys kisses!!
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It may be a load off my mind, but this guy is still carrying around a big load. It's kitty diet time!
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Thank the Lord Squirt's okay! I am looking at myself now....It's diet time for me too......ugh!
God Bless All,
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