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Today Is The Day!!!

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OKAY. To all that have read any of my threads you all know that my baby MaxSheba is ahving a litter. Yesterday I saw dried up blood. Well today I saw what I thought was only the mucus plug. Well we were trying to close off the doors b/c we found it odd that she kept trying to get unnder the beds. Next thing I know a kitten is crowning!!! WHOA!! So apparently the kittens are gonna be here today!! Can you plz send prayers her way for a healthy and safe delivery??
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Good Luck!! Hope all babies make it safe and sound
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thanks. She has me hemmed up lol Everytime I move she meows really lowd and wants me to sit down so, oh well. I keep e1 posted.
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We have one black or steele grey like mommy
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OOOOOHHHH.....do keep us posted on how things are going? Anymore babies yet? GO Momma GO!!! Good Luck!
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Hope everything is going ok.....can't wait to see pictures!!!
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Whoo hoo!! We have number 2 They both have a bit of brown on them!!! She just had another of contraction so another is on the way!
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HOW MANY CAN THERE BE??? She has had the two and is having contractions and I still see babies moving in her belly?? Wow! She is doing fine other wise and the other two are currently nursing.
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yay!! atak pics!
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Oh how exciting!!! Good luck! Can't wait to see pictures!
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KITTEN 3 at 7:55 CNT
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yay! go MaxSheba!!!! I think today is the day for mine too. good luck!!!
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I have taken one, but unfortunately no digital camera but we will be rushing these for development! Okay Here is the update Baby 3 was born at 6:50 I was so excited I messed that all up BUT baby number 4 has been born at 7:43!! She is doing great and she is such a good mommy! Now I have a quick question. Whe she is done will her labored breathing subside and she will return breathing as normal correct?
Awww plz keep me posted Jessie and let me know. They were close in pregnancy so I KNOW it wont be too long
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yes, when she is all done, then her breathing will return to normal, and her contractions will subside to nothing. how is everyone doing? color and sex count please!!!! oh and did i say CONGRATS!!!!!!!
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Congrats! Any more?

Rush those pics! LOL
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She now has Five!! Number Five arrived at about 8:25. They are all steele grey with brown spots and she has five thus far. She is being an excellent mommy and granny couldn't be prouder! They are nursing and meowing strong. I haven't quite figured out how to figure out the sex yet. Anyone have any suggestions. I am really amazed though her color must be the dominant gene color b/c ALL of them her far are her color w/ very very little brown, but of course we know we have to see the grow up some
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Congrats to you and your 4 new little ones! Let us know if we can be of any help! Sounds like Momma did great!
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Thank you so much. Actually you all have been a marvelous marvelous help. From the time I found out, or suspected that she was pregnant until now I have been on this site and I NEVER would have had the understanding of her pregnancy,labor, and deliver or the support that I did had I not had this site so a big THANK YOU for all you guys have done to help me out MaxSheba is fine her breathing is still laboured I think I feel another little one so we will have to wait and see. Number five has more mixed coat than anyone so if she has another I wonder what color it would be. I was hoping for brown like dad but leave it up to my baby to have dominant personality, attitude, AND genes, lol
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Congrats on the new babies!
I am curious though, in an earlier post you said that she did not seem too interested in her nesting box...did she end up having them in there or somewhere else?
Mine doesn't care about her box at all and she looks like a balloon ready to burst!
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lol, no I just moved her and her babies to the nesting box so I could clean the area. She had them on my hubby's old hospital blanket his mom game him IN FRONT OF THE BIRTHING BOX, lol
Right now, from all that I learned on the website that was posted on this forum somewhere, on how to tell if it is a boy or girl, I have 4 boys and 1 girl. The Fifth baby turned out to have a kind of tiger striped to him. He is the most unusually colored one of them all right now. Her breathing seems labored. I moved her to her boxed and the babies to clean up figuring she was done and her breathing seemed to pick back up. So I don't know but she is resting well and the little ones are nursing. Now I HAVE to work over time to get their play pen
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OK I'm getting kind of concerned about my baby. Now it has been three to four hours since her last birth. All births have been live and healthy, BUT she still seems to be doing laboured breathing. All of the time she has been in labor I have NOT seen her pant ONE TIME. As I was watching over her I saw her pant mouth open and all. What could this mean?? Is she still in labor, is something wrong? Please tell me something?
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did she deliver all the placentas? if not one could be coming. sometimes they rest a while between babies too, icis did, 4 hours between #3 and #4.
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Was the birth nice and easy for her or did she have any troubles? Because my girl, Aisha, had a really hard birth with her first kitten and it tired her right out for the other three kittens and she had labored breathing for quite a while after she was finished. Congrats on the kittens!
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Thank you all soooo much you all made me feel much much better. EVERYONE is doing just fine. MaxSheba is resting with her little ones. She has been quite the trooper throughout all of this and I am very proud! GOOD JOB MAMA!
So the end result is Five kittens!
Baby 1-Born at 5:20-The oldest is the only girl and she is a FIGHTER. There are eight nipples and she ONLY wants the one the second born is going for and she will fight to get it! But we named her HOPE b/c we didn't know what to do and we had HOPE that she would make it. I prayed over MAXSHEBA as all of them were being born and blessed her with oil and she did an AWESOME JOB.

Baby 2-Born at 5:35-The second born is DAVID. David is such a fighter as well which is why I think Hope picks the nipple he's on. When he came out MaxSheba didn't even have to do to much to him, he came out meowing, and eating. He is definetly a warrior like DAVID from the bible, litle but strong, hence the name.
Baby 3 Born at 6:50 The third is name Judah, which means to confess,praise or give thanks. We are thank ful for this little boy. You can tell he is kind of in the middle b/c he eats and just stays out of everyone's way

Baby 4-Born at 7:45The fourth is PEACE. MaxSheba was dealing with other two as she was giving birth to him. She didn't get to him RIGHT away which scared me a little but I guess if I had just had three kids and were having another I'd be concerned and have to balance it all out too. So, because he was so peaceful about and politely took a nipple quietly that no one else was on we named him Peace.

Baby 5-Born at 8:20 The fith and final is Maxamillus or MAX. This is the anticpated grandson of my husband. We have been watching the babies move and kick withing our girl for almost two weeks now and I told him that the STRONG one that comes out is his and would be MAX. Max retrieved his name as the younges of five siblings b/c if you think baby 3 had to burst out on his own what did baby five do. Max literally broke out of the sac himself and all mommy had to do was clean up a little Therefore he takes on the namesake of my husband dear cat that has gone to rainbow bridge as MAX! He is also the one that is colored different from every one else with silver tiger stripes.
Now that we look at all the kits we can tell whether they are black, silver and brown or whether the black is just dark and will become steele grey like mommy. They all have brown in them, with what looks to be black or eventually steele grey, and the the youngest is tiger striped. They are georgeous and healthy and she is just being an AWESOME MOMMY! I will get my pictures developed by this week something and post!
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Congrats on the new gang!!! Its good to know that everyone is doing good
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thanks! I'm looking forward to hearing about yours as well!
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Congrats! I was reading about the births last night...nice to hear that you have 5 healthy kittens! Waiting patiently for pics!
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Oh, I spoke too soon! My first post said congrats on the 4, and now you have 5 kittens!

So an added congrats!
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LOL Thank you all!! She is doing wonderfully, but now I am trying to stop her from moving her babies. I guess it's mother instinct but SHEESH! She keeps trying to move her kids and she wants to movethem somewhere unsafe! I fee like her Mommy trying to tell her what to do with my grand kitties b/c I fussed at her and I said, "put him back right now! You can NOT take him under my dresser! And I closed the door and she looked at me then put him back" I don't know what to do until I get the cage.
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If you have a decent size carrier you can use that for the time being. If this is her first litter then she is just acting nervous by carrying them around everywhere.

If its bad enough you can move her to a bathroom and keep her in there until she calms down and gets the idea to not move them.
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