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Would sleeping count as a hobby?
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I love to read, but I've recently become a Pampered Chef consultant, so now that's my main hobby.

Hey, if your hobby gets you free stuff and money, isn't it worth it?
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In the winter I'm a big knitter.... I knitted all my sisters scarves last year for Christmas. I also make photo albums, really nice ones. I thought about selling them, but it would be too much $ for all that they cost. Like baby books & wedding albums....I go & pick the fabric myself. I also like to read books. I have really been contemplating taking a salsa class. I want to so badly, but Tom won't take it with me, and all my girlfriends are either pregnant, planning a wedding, or have a small baby... so if I do, I'd have to go at it alone...
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I belong to two cat clubs - Wellington Cat Club and Pedigree Persian Cat Fanciers.

I am the Junior president for the WCC and a devoted comittee member of PPCF - this takes up a lot of my time.
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I thought i would drag this one out again, i like to show of my boats so here is one of my current projects, this is two months work at present, this is the Blue nose 2 .
The one in the background is one i done 20 years ago , the fellow who bought it damaged it a house move so its back for repaires

I am not getting a lot done at the moment cos the Cats keep me very busy
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Beautiful jewelry! I like to make jewelry also.
My hobby is my obsession... Genealogy! It's actually turned into my future career (hopefully) I'm starting classes this Summer to become an Archivist! I also am a seamstress and love to make period clothing, gowns, etc.

I want to start scrapbooking too!!! It looks like so much fun!
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Currently, spinning, weaving, knitting and always gardening...I love flowers and perennials most. I have a "thing" with Madeline dolls' which have been discontinued, so I have been on eBay scouting out good finds.
I also love sailing and the original Mini car.
Gee, isn't everything not work related a hobby? I always think it would great to be paid doing a hobby, but then it would be work.
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I like to sleep.
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I horseriding!

This is Monty, the sweeet little pony I ride!

I also like swimming, you could try that maybe?
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Hanging out with my new hubby, friends, shopping, internet, kitties, graphic design, painting and gardening...oh and working out but I'd really rather sleep!
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by the way guten tag!! wie gehts?
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Aside from my obvious TCS addiction, my other hobbies are as follows:

Guitar, Singing, Drums....anything to do with music pretty much (I was a Music Industry major)

Fostering kittens- that definitely has to count as a hobby- it's about all I normally have time for!!!!

Volunteering at the animal shelter

Reading magazine - hehe, especially Cosmopolitan

I like to watch tv & catch up on my sleep when I have time...which is never

Floral Design (i'm a lisenced florist/wedding planner)...I love to make arrangements just for me in my spare time- I like getting really mechanical and making gorgeous stuff when I have time to just relax and be creative

Hanging out with my boyfriend....we're pretty boring, but we always make each other laugh- so whatever works right? lol - i love him to pieces!

And well....I guess that's pretty much all I have time for between school full time and job hunting....I love to shop to- but i'm not wealthy enough to make that a hobby
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I love playing rpg video games, baking,spending time outside walking on the nature trails. i also could spend hours smelling candles at any store lol. i love the fall smells or the ones that smell like cakes and cookies or !!!!!!! i like to read. and my most favoritest hobby of all is taking pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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i enjoy playing the piano, singing, participating in the local community musical theatre, reading, watching tv, going out to eat, going to movies, doing crossword puzzles, counted cross-stitch [that one is kinda on-and-off] knitting, posting & reading stuff on TCS, playing with/petting my furchildren, baking [especially desserts], painting [both canvas & objects & clothing] & READING!
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
Would sleeping count as a hobby?
In my world it is!
I play rugby, although I haven't that recently.. I collect coins and stamps.. hm, reading, writing, snowboarding, photography, drawing, paintballing, platform gaming.. and TCS!
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Baking, cooking, watching Food Network for ideas, and reading. That's about it.
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Originally Posted by Mom2SalemIsis View Post
i also could spend hours smelling candles at any store lol. !
Candle Sniffing is one of my favorite hobbies too!!!! Once I set foot into Yankee Candle Co., poor Colin knows he won't have my attention for at least an hour. I love candles!!!
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I make jewelry, also.

These are a couple things I've done recently:

For me, it's stress-relief
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Lovemybabies-Those are pretty!
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
Lovemybabies-Those are pretty!
Aw thanks!
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