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Where is everyone from

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I am origionally from Traverse City Michigan. I lived there for 18 years.
Now I live in Ogden Utah. Where is everyone else from?
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Miami, FL
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Northwest Montana
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New Orleans, Louisiana
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Orangeville, Ontario, Canada
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Richmond, Va

Lived here all my life.
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Originally from a tiny town of 500 called Lyerly, Georgia. Now I live in Los Angeles, CA.
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Originally from Belton, TEXAS!!!! but now I live in Spicer, Minnesota
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I'm an Air Force brat. Born in Minot, ND. Moved all over the world. Now I live in Bella Vista, AR.
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Wellington, New Zealand!
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Orginally from Dayton Ohio, Now and have been for years in So Calif, where it's just way to hot these days...
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Originally an Aussie (most recently living in Canberra, but born and bred in Brissie), and currently living in the heart of Silicon Valley, CA.
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lots of different places,

born elyria ohio,
then vancouver, bc
then hongkong,
then bangkok thailand
then Surabaya Indonesia.
then back to near where it all started
la grange ohio,
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Originally: Jackson, Kentucky
Currently: Ft. Wayne, Indiana

boy thats like night and day huh?
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San Diego California Originally, but have lived more than half my life in Los Angeles, California
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Seattle native, transplanted in Orem Utah
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I was born in Mississauga, Ontario. Moved when I was 10 to Paris, Ontario and then when I was 18 I moved to Belleville, Ontario. Last October I moved to Mount Elgin, Ontario, where I live now.
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Originally from Long Island, NY. But, as most Long Islanders do at one point or another, I moved to Florida

Was Melbourne, Fl. Moved last week to Palm Bay, FL.
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Northern NY near Canadian border
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Born in Houston,Tx and I have lived all over but I have now lived in Alabama for 11 years!
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Native New Yorker now living in New Jersey.
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I am from a small town in Kentucky
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Let's see I claim that I have no home as I am an Army brat. Born in Honolulu, spent 6 years in Germany, and now live right outside Columbus GA
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I am originally from Ottawa, Ontario but now live in London, Ontario. I couldn't get a job in Ottawa because I don't speak french , so I had to move.
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I was born in Calgary, Alberta then moved to Okotoks, Alberta (and back and forth between the two until I got married and settled in Okotoks).
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born and lived in the Cleveland, Ohio area my whole life, and don't plan on leaving anytime soon
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Born in St. Catherine's Hospital Tralee, lived in Knocknagoshel, Co. Kerry, Ireland til I was 5, then lived in Syracuse, NY, USA til I was 14, then Knocknagoshel til I was 19, then Limerick City from then on (except for a 5 month move to Dublin in late 2000 early 2001).
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Was born in Shelbyville Kentucky and moved to Pinellas Park Florida when I was 12
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Minnesota - but I'd love to live in NY
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Born in Chicago, then moved to Houston, then the Kansas City area, first Missouri and now Kansas.
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