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7 wk old kitten. male/female?

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Up until now, we just knew she was a gir. But changes are happening, and now we're not completely sure. Her name is Chloe, so I'm hoping..just for the sake of keeping her name. haha

it's totally weird taking photos of a cats crotch, especially since she has hemeroids, haha..which we are calling the vet about this morning, as soon as the doctor gets there. The soft food transition is being rough on her.

girl or boy?

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looks like a male to me.
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That is a boy
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Britt....since these kittens are now 7 weeks of age..they are due for their first shots. I would arrange that with your vet.

How is mom doing?? We don't hear any updates on her and I'm hoping she is indoors only for now awaiting her spay date.

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It's already been arranged, thanks.
I guess I'll be browsing for a new name.
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Originally Posted by brittwarwi
It's already been arranged, thanks.
Good....hoping that mom's spay is also arranged. That way, this can be her last litter.

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The first picture does look like male bits, doesn't it?
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It's a boy!
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We've decided to call HIM Shy, he's a total it fits.
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I was going to suggest Bowie unstead of Chloe. Assuming you pronounce the "e" at the end of Chloe. But Shy is cute too! That is what we did with my cat Bowie but we knew she was a girl all along. She came with the name Chloe and we didn't like it so we changed it to Bowie since they sound the same.
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Man.. I don't know why I am laughing at a few pictures of a kitties naughty bits.

And yup.. boy. It's pretty easy to tell.. the furthur down the hole, then it's a boy. Girls are right up by their bum. But I've sexed probably 60 kittens alone this year, not including the past 3 years.. So it gets pretty easy after awhile.
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You have a bouncing baby boy....I love his cute.
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