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From playful to bored!

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My cat Salem used to be very playful and active, she would also love to be held, since my husband and I moved in with his parents over a year ago Salem no longer likes to be held and she seems bored with any type of playing. Salem has a sister who hasen't changed her attitude very much. My question is. Why has my cat changed so drastically? Any help you could give me woukld be most appreciated and very welcomed.
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Any drastic change in a cat's behaviour is always a signal that something could be wrong health-wise. I would first take kitty to the vet to have a check up and make sure everything is okay.

Once that is accomplished, cats do not like changes. Once their life is in an order they like to keep it the same. I have had cats act out when we rearrange furniture, buy new bedcovers for our bed, go away for a few days. Perhaps your new living arrangements interrupts the time you used to spend with Salem and she misses those times. I would try getting interactive toys for her, perhaps spraying them with catnip to enhance her pleasure and give her a 20 minute playtime just you and her to help her feel special. Get down to her level and just play with her. But first, I would take her in to get her checked out.

Also, I deleted the second thread that was here that said the same thing. In case you wonder where it went.
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