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Beat the Heat?

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I would like some suggestions for the cats to be able to beat the heat. We don't have air conditioning and have had the fans going all day with the windows open.

Unfortunately tomorrow B and I both need to go into work. I'm worried about shutting the windows and cooking our babies alive! Poor Whitey has been sleeping all day and is just lethargic.

I've been placing ice cubes in their water today, but obviously won't be here tomorrow to do that.

Any more suggestions?

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it is insane hot here too in Illinois.110 degress with heat index Both my cats, whom are normally very active just sleep and sleep. get up, take a stretch, eat, use litter, then sleep some more.

I found that wet towels, rung out well, and placed in the fridge, then lay it out on the kitchen floor my cats love for a kewl down.maybe near a fan to keep them cool.

Also the ice in the water.
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If you can take a couple pans of water and position a couple fans to blow OVER the trays then the evaporation of the water provides a small degree of cooling effect. You could put towels in the trays to soak up the water so the kitties don't splash all over the place.

This does raise the humidity, so keep your windows open a crack, if you can.
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Oooo! Thanks!

I stuck a pan of ice cubes in front of the floor fan. I was cracking up since Luna and Whitey were both fascinated by it. Then they started licking it.
I'll try the towel thing tonight.
We do have an window unit, but we can't find the boards to stabilize it in the window with. So I may just run up to Home Depot. It was horrible sleeping for the humans last night too.
Plus its going to be close to a 100 F today!
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