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Oh have that sort of thing going on around you & have your hubby gone.....I'll keep you & all your family in my prayers.
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Wow,thats awful I don't know what to say other than I'm sorry for you, and you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. {{{{hugs}}}}
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Glad you and your boys are safe ... Sending an extra prayer your way for continued safety
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I'm sending you many good vibes You have every right to worry but it'll all turn out alright in the end you'll see! Lizzie is sending purrs your way also. I've been watching Good Morning America andwas horrifed to see whats happening over there.
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I can't believe you're going through this. This is so awful for you and your family. I will be praying for you.
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prayers and good vibes and stay safe wishes to you and family. It is hard to sit still when all you want is to have your family home and safe. Thanks for the blog link. Give your boys extra hugs for us. They are sure cute and extra hugs help to ease shaky nerves . More stay safe <<<vibes>>> coming your way to you and yours from us.
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Anne, you and your family remain in my thoughts and close to my heart. I'm sending lots of calming, stay safe vibes your way.
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That is so scary. One of my coworkers just came back from Egypt. She barely made it out of there.

You have our prayers.
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Thinkinf of you and your family Anne
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It is always the Mothers & Children who suffer the most during war.

I will be following your blog's updates and praying that you and your beautiful family remain safe.
Bless you Anne...
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I will most definitely keep you and yours in my thoughts and prayers Anne
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is there anyway to get out of their?? and to come to the Us or canada???? I hope everything is going to be ok...{{{{vibes}}}}}
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Anne, you and your family...and all the innocent civilians there during this crisis...are in our thoughts and prayers. I'm sending you all some very strong <<<<<stay save vibes>>>>>.
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My thoughts are with you Anne, that there will finally be a cease fire.
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Well its 5.09 GMT and the ceasefire is said to happen at 5.00 GMT.

I will be praying the ceasefire happens and there will be a lasting peace.

My thoughts and prayers are thinking about you Anne and your family and everybody else who's lives have been affected by this.
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So far, so good, Anne. I know it's fragile, but I'm praying that it will hold.
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That mus be soooo scary. I can imagine what you must be going through.
My prayers will be with you.
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