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Signature Contest!

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Okay! Now that I have your attention!

The contest is to see who can make me the most elegant signature!

I have spent ALLLL day trying to make one. LITERALLY. I have decided that I am just not cut out for it and I should leave the making to the professionals!

The winner will have my signature posted and my UPMOST gratitude!

i am looking for eglegance here for my two girls. If you could do something to make their eyes stand out that would be wonderful too.

Here are some pictures.
This is Roxie (her eyes are gold now)

This is Polly her eyes are BRIGHT green
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You should post your pics in the "siggy shower-requests only" thread. Your bound to get some great siggys there!
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I have to agree. Most of the sig designers will not want to enter into a "competition".
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Most of us are working on the requests from the siggy shower so you are probably better off posting in there and if you have more pics, that would be great the photo of Polly is great but because it is cut off on both sides it will be hard to work with for a sig
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I will happily make you a signature, but not as a contest. I think a lot of designers would love to make you a signature, which will mean that you will have lots of signatures to alternate using. However, I and don't think anyone else would want to take all the time to make a signature, and have it end up being rejected as not elegant enough.

I am a member of another site, (not cat related) where they have Logo contests, things like that. The differeence is they offer a lot of money to make the logo's. The competition is heavy, and people tend to get nasty with each other , claiming that someone used someone else's idea. TCS, is not that kind of site. No one here does this for money, but because we love doing it. So, I don't think it should be a contest, but just a request that the siggy makers make you a signature, and then sit back and wait for the sigs to roll in. You'll end up with a lot of beautiful signatures to use that way.

I will say, that when I do make a signature for you, it will be posted on the Siggy Shower Completed thread.
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Oh my gosh you guys, I am SO SORRY!

I didn't mean for this to be as inappropriate as it sounds. I really should have worded my post better, or used another idea for my colorul literary escapade.

I was really only trying to be funny and different. I am so, so sorry. I did not mean to offend anyone and am actually sick to my stomache in knowing that I did offend. That was not my intention.

Please forgive me?
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Relax, I don't think the sig designers will hold it against you

Why don't you post your pictures in the Siggy Shower requests thread, and you can be showered with elegant sigs for your girls

If you do have more photos, it would be best to post those also.
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I will go right now and post links to some online galleries I have in the siggy shower forum!

That is, if anyone will still have me.

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Please don't be upset, I don't think any Siggy designers are upset with you. I know you'll get some cool siggy's your cats are beautiful.
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I will definitely try it (when I finish the list I have) but Hope has already posted a wonderful one
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I posted a link to my picture gallery online. There are lots of pics to choose from there.

It is where it should have been in the first place,the shower thread.

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