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Eye swollen shut...

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This morning I found Rambo with one of his eye's badly swollen and almost shut. The majority of the swelling is under his eye. He had some discharge from that eye yesterday, but i didn't notice the swelling under his eye then. I was in a bit of a rush and maybe i missed it. He's hiding from all people and cats this morning, and constantly rubbing his eye. His third eyelid is halfway across his eye when it's open. We're going to the vet at 10:45...the earliest we could get in. Any ideas what might be going on?

My poor Rambo, last month he had a UTI and this month this. Please send good vibes.
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I have no idea unless perhaps his eye got scratched or something like that. So sorry to hear poor little Rambo is hurting. Please let us know what happens at the vet.

Hugs and healing vibes to Rambo.
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Thank you so much for the vibes....I really wish 1045 would get here already.
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Poor Baby hope he feels better soon - please let us know what the VET said...
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Just checking to see how he got on at the vets.
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That's how Rochester's conjunctivitis/URI began. One morning he was fine and by that afternoon his eye linings has gone all swollen.
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Well, it appears Rambo has the equivalent of a goose egg under his eye which has swollen up and closed his eye on him. The vet was shocked by how swollen it was. She guesses Rambo (ever the graceful kitty) must have run into something and hit his cheekbone. I have to say I'm very relieved and the eye cream she put in his eye already seems to be helping with the pain. He's perked up quite a bit. I wish kitties would stop worrying their meowmies so much.

Thanks everyone for their vibes and concerns.
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I'm glad Rambo's feeling better and I hope he continues to improve!
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