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Rv or House.

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hey guys,

would you live in a Rv or a house?? i would live in a Rv because if I live in a place were hurricanes hit. And It was a big one I just can move my house somewhere alse. Could cats get car sick in a RV to??? Or would it be like a house thoe that moves. RV..RV...RV....RV....RV......RV........RV!!!
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....Rv is a new word for me!
could you explain please?
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I've never lived in an RV.. it might be fun, but I'd probably prefer a house since it's bigger.
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R.V. Recreational Vehicle. Most people us it for camping. Some are very small, some are very fancy (worth millions.)

I could never LIVE in an RV, but would definitely like to own one of those deluxe editions, perhaps in retirement.
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Originally Posted by AnnasMom
R.V. Recreational Vehicle. Most people us it for camping. Some are very small, some are very fancy (worth millions.)

I could never LIVE in an RV, but would definitely like to own one of those deluxe editions, perhaps in retirement.
thank you my friend!!!! ...that´s why I love TCS!, everyone are here to help us each others!!!
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A RV is a house but on the outside it looks like a bus but when you go in It looks like a house!! with everything in there. It is like a house on wheels!!!
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Definately a house. I don't want to be paying for gas for my house and then my car too!

John's uncle just bought one to drive out to CA to live in, and they get 8 miles to the gallon - they figure they will spend about $900 on gas just to get out there - NO THANKS!
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Originally Posted by KittyLova
A RV is a house but on the outside it looks like a bus but when you go in It looks like a house!! with everything in there. It is like a house on wheels!!!

and Answering you question, Definately a House!
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I would definately say a house, preferably my dream house!
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Originally Posted by KittyLova

Yeah - not cool!

I'd choose a house ANY day!
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I live where hurricanes hit also. I think having an RV would be nice to evacuate in because of the furbrats and it's hard finding pet-friendly shelters but to live in that small of a space with 2 kids, 2 cats a dog and a husband, I would go bonkers
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A house...I wouldn't want something as small a the gas would be too much... I love my house
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I heard from all you guys. man thats a lot for gas!!
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My folks sold their multi-level, 4 bedroom home and are now full time RV residents.

They bought a 2003 35 foot Winnebago Adventurer with two slide outs.
With RV payments, insurance, gas and RV slip rentals, their bills are MUCH lower than the upkeep was on the house.
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A house. My future children deserve to have a fenced backyard where they'll play and be safe.
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You definitely have to have the right personality to live full-time in an RV with hubby and cats!

As to your question - Hubby and I lived full-time in an RV for 11 years.

We dated for about a year in high school, then went our separate ways. He looked me up 12 years later, and I was just separated from my first hubby, and he had been divorced a year. I got divorced and we decided that since we were both in intensely stressful jobs we'd quit, take the summer off, and decide what to do. We both gave away or sold everything that didn't fit in the RV we'd decided to purchase (except a few keepsakes that we sent in several boxes to my parents to hang on to for us). Orginally we were going with a camper that we could tow behind the car, but fell in love with a Holiday Rambler, and figured it could always be a vacation home down the road.

One thing led to another, and we ended up doing research that required us to visit corporate headquarters, warehouses and manufacturing facilities around the country. We worked together and lived together 24 hours a day. We would find a nice RV park outside of whatever city, depending on the number of facilities we were visiting, we'd stay parked there for 2 - 3 weeks to 4 - 5 months, and drive to nearby cities to visit companies rather than constantly move the RV. We called it "hub-and-spoke"ing. We towed our car behind us, so it was just like picking up our house, moving it to a new community, working there, and then picking up and moving again. We made friends on the road, and we'd catch up with them months later at other RV parks! The places that pop to mind that we've lived are Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco/San Jose, L.A., Pheonix (with a stop in Lake Havasu), Santa Fe, Denver, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Scott (Louisiana), Birmingham, Panama City, Naples, Miami, Melbourne, Jacksonville, Charlotte, Richmond, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Akron, Toledo, Elkhart, Indiannapolis, various places in Wisconsin, and various places in NJ.

We've worked for firms based out of LA and New York, so we've spent more time there than others. For quite a while, we lived up in Big Bear outside of LA, and it was incredible.

Many RV parks, especially in the West, Southwest, and South are gorgeous - like gorgeous hotel resorts (pools, excercise rooms, tennis courts, golf courses, &etc.) except you bring your own room with you.

RVs require a more constant maintenance than houses do, but the ability to travel (if you love it) and have all your things (especially your kitties) with you is something beyond compare.

Unfortunately, after 9/11/2001 and with the advent of the Internet, the nature of our business changed. So we hunkered down on the PA border of NJ so we could commute to NYC. That is where we ended up getting involved with feral cats (the RV Park we stayed in had a problem). We rescued our first kitties, and ended up becoming deeply involved with them (you can see my join date on TCS is June 2002).

We weren't sure if we were hitting the road again or not. But by the time we ended up moving into a house, we'd lived in the RV with three cats for over two years and with five cats total for over one year. Ming Loy was added once we lived in the house. But we never actually traveled with the cats in the RV - we'd had no call to travel after 9/11.

We had a beautiful RV pad built next to the house, and "Holly" sits there. We turn over the engine at least weekly. We keep her washed and waxed, and we maintain her inside and out - especially the tires.

We ended up having to drive down to GA/FL in February of this year, and we decided the best way to handle it was to take the cats with us. We had a job interview in Coral Gables, and we had to help my parents move from Brunswick, GA to Birmingham, AL.

Let's face it - she had been lived in full time for 11 years, so we had started taking everything out to redo the inside. Which turned out to be perfect.

We cut holes underneath the bed (LARGE storage area) and filled it with boxes, beds and hidey places for the cats. We figured they'd be terrified of actually moving in the RV. We pulled lots of cat trees out of the house and put them where the dining room and living room had been. We figured lots of vertical space and their smells would be comforting.

We were right. But we were surprised - not only did they remember the RV (except Ming Loy, who'd never been in it), they LOVED IT! After the first few gas stops (and boy was it ever expensive this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), they got what was going on. We'd stop, they'd come out, stretch, have a drink, maybe pee - and when we started the motor again, they'd crawl back under the bed and go to sleep. They really didn't stress out at all.

No one got motion sick. And, in fact, on the trip home, Flowerbelle and Spooky came out! Flowerbelle sat up on the dashboard watching everything flash by, and Spooky layed on my lap for pets!

Many people were curious about the whole cat and RV thing when I first joined TCS, so I used to post pics. I doubt they're still up, but if you want to see any pics, I can throw them up on photobucket and post links if you like.

So..... I think I've got the best of both worlds, LOL! I now live in a house with six cats. And funny enough, there is no less fighting between them than when we lived in a small space. Even initially, we made sure that a bunch of the cabinets were dedicated to them, and we removed the dining room back then to put in cat trees. So surprisingly, whether we're in 2400 sq. ft or 320 sq. ft. doesn't seem to make a difference with our gang. Most of the pics of our kitties when we lived in the RV shows at least 2 kitties snuggled up with each other. That's a fairly rare sight in the house. So vacations from here out will be in the RV, and they're going with us!

(See my avatar, lol?)


I gotta add a P.S. - we didn't have children, and I'm sure we never could have lived the way we did as long as we did with kids. We adopted Naomi after we moved into the house. We did meet many families on the road. What a lot of people are doing is pulling their kids out of school for one year to do home schooling while driving around the country. But they don't sell their house, they just go for six months to a year. Or even just the summer.
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Although the traveling around the county that Laurie did sounds SOOOO exciting, I would probably be better in a house. I need to be close to my family. And I'm sure I wouldn't be able to bring my 300+ shoe collection in an RV!
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Right now I would have to say house but when I retire I would love to own a large RV and travel. I think it would be the perfect thing for my BF and I.

I know that will probably never happen but it is a great dream
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I lived in an RV for awhile, and it was not nearly as much fun as it sounds. I was pregnant at the time, and was so big, I could not fit comfortably into the tiny bathroom. We lived in a parking lot, and the guy at the gas station next door felt sorry for me and gave me a key so I could use his bathroom.
It would be good to have one to evacuate from hurricanes, but I love my house.
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Originally Posted by krazy kat2
I lived in an RV for awhile, and it was not nearly as much fun as it sounds. I was pregnant at the time, and was so big, I could not fit comfortably into the tiny bathroom.
No - that wouldn't be fun. Though in the high-end models they've got some huge bathrooms!

Originally Posted by krazy kat2
We lived in a parking lot...
I never found parking lot stays to be fun. Or parks where there's not much room on the site beyond where your RV fits. But if circumstances are such that you have no choice, then it is what it is.

We were fortunate enough to be able to afford nice parks - and they can get expensive. There are some places though, where there just aren't very nice parks. San Fran was such a place. There's a park north of San Fran in Petaluma - a KOA - that was OK, but KOA's are usually packed with families and kids in the summer time - which would be fun if you're camping and you want to have other people to hang with. But if you're living full-time and don't have kids, the beautiful "retirement" type parks tend to be much nicer (and quieter and calmer.... ).
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