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Come on people - we have been stalled for 20 days! Lets keep this story going!
Captain KitKlash new that he had to act natural, or he would give himself away. He new that eventually he would have to do something extreme if he wanted to take over the kingdom. He would try every dirty, underhanded trick in the book to reach his dream. He would go to extraordinary measures to get rid of the pretty little princess! He was perturbed by the allies she had standing with her - she was supposed to be alone! He tapped his nose in a series of gestures to signal his accomplice in the crowd. He had to make sure his code got through!

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"Your Highness," he exclaimed, as he bowed with what he hoped appeared as deference. "Forgive me for interrupting your holiday, but your father lies near death! You must return to the palace immediately, and you must come alone. It is good that you are not attired in elegance; it is best that you arrive incognito. There is evil afoot in the kingdom, and your presence is needed immediately. I am hopeful, nay, I insist that your friends say nothing to anyone, for fear the evildoers know the harm they have done!"

Princess Simone was anxious to reach her father and so hopeful that her presence would serve as a healing factor, that she overlooked this new, respectful attitude. Captain KitKlash had always seemed less than admiring in his treatment of her. He had tried to hide his true feelings, but even a young princess could read his heart. There was no question in her mind; she would return immediately. She mounted her beautiful steed, bid her companions adieu and cautioned them to say nothing of the attempted murder. The spectators in the village soon lost interest in the interaction and went back to their sport. But Hagatha stared after the princess and her elegant escort. "I fear our princess has been duped, my friends. That man has a heart as black as our young friend's steed!"

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the group huddled together to devise a plan to save their friend. Hornbean exclaimed "his arrogance will be KitKlash's downfall! He thinks he has misled us from his hidden purpose, but as friends working together we will overcome his evil plot". Killara thought his aberrant behaviour would make him feel overly cocky and then they would be able to trick him. Hornbean's little bird gave a little whistle of agreement!

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It was decided that because of Prince Hornbeam's size that he would be the one to ride after the Princess and stall for time. The Prince before he left wanted his newly found friends to understand the gravity of Hagatha's prophectic words and he cautioned them to make haste with whatever they finally devised to save the Princess. He knew that KitKlash only looked at the Princess as some sort of trophy to be bandied about and he feared for her safety once she got out of eyesight of the crowd. He quickly looked around the milling crowd for a suitable mount and asked his friends for some added monies to add to his pocketful of change so he could benefit the owner of such a steed. He quickly discarded one mare from any consideration at all because she looked as if a sickness had overcome her and was on her last leg. He needed the insurance of a swift and faithful steed and he searched the crowd for such a worthy animal.

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Simone's black stallion quickly caught up to KitKlash and headed for the castle. "Your highness, stop a moment. My boot is loose and I must stop!" KitKlash lowered himself from his horse and stooped over as if to adjust his boots. As soon as the princess approached, he mounted again, and told her he knew a pathway that would lead directly to the castle. "Follow me, your highness, and do not get lost. This forest can be dangerous!"

The princess did as KitKlash asked, but instead of making the progress she hoped for, this path seemed to lead nowhere. "Perhaps we had better double back, Captain. We should be able to see the castle from here, but I see nothing but forest! I must get to father!"

KitKlash said nothing; he continued, but more slowly. Then he stopped. The forest was thick with trees. Twilight had come, and with it an eerie stillness. The trees seemed to glow as red as the setting sun, as if sending a message of danger. The captain pulled back on the reins and his steed obeyed. Simone finally realized that he had tricked her. "Please, Captain, my father needs...."

"Your father needs you for nothing, and soon he will have no need for anything. Nor will you, my haughty princess. Dismount," he ordered firmly.

Simone lowered herself cautiously, but KitKlash pulled her off the path with a rough hand, and led her to a dwelling carved from stone. He lifted the iron bars, and pushed the princess into what appeared to be a cave. "My friends will help me, KitKlash! Hagatha will know what you've done!" Her last words never reached him. He had galloped away with Simone's black stallion behind him, tethered to his own steed.

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After futile attempts to free herself the princess came to the realisation that she had been extremely foolish to trust KitKlash but at the news of her father dieing had clouded her mind. "How stupid I am" she wailed. "It will take magic to release me from this prison". Simone became quiet, she wondered what evil plot KitKlash was concocting and why he wanted her out of the way, was her father really dieing? was he already killed? oh the frustration of being stuck here. Simone found Transformation from being princess to wench and then to princess again had been rather unsettling and not at all as she had imagined. Her thoughts turned to Prince Hornbeam, so kind and gentle, yet strong and dependable. He would save her. "Help me" she yelled. The silence of the forrest interrupted with the awakened burst of birds as they took flight at the disturbance.

Prince Hornbeam heard the cry for help and Courageously turned his steed into the forest towards the sound. The tree branches cruelly whipping his Handsome face as he rode towards his princess.

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The princess was so grateful to see Hornbean riding down the forest path to her rescue. His bird Pestri looked comical as he tried to stay on the saddle horn during the gallop to the rescue. Hornbean drew close to the cave and dismounted his horse. Simone gasped in shock, Hornbean had welts all over his face from the forest. "He must be in tremendous pain" Simone thought to herself. Her gallant knight took a closer look at the bars of her prison and as he did so, Simone touched his face and quietly said "thank you my friend". He blushed and said "I will try to get you out of here". He tried to dig out the bars with his knife to no avail. As the knife scraped away at the rock, a sweet smell came in the form of a mist, it intoxicated Hornbean and he passed out. Simone was in tears trying to wake him up, but he slept on. Simone remembered that her new kitten was in the saddle bag that KitKlash had left behind and she called softly to him hoping that he could waken Hornbean. The tiny little grey kitten crawled out of his safe nest and bounced over to his mistriss thinking that this was a new fun game she had to play with him. On his way thru the bars, he brushed against them and they magically opened! He had rescued her! She decided then, that she would name him "Rescue", but that she would still hold a competition for the townsfolk to pick a middle name for him. Everyone knows that a royal cat must have at least 3 names!

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Simone hurried to awaken Hornbean - they had little time to spare! "Awake sir knight, we have to plot how to save my beloved kingdom!" Simone declared. Hornbean sat up slowly and got control of his senses. Rescue brushed up against Simone and gave her hope that they would win the day. Hornbean said softly "I understand your concern about your father - we will safe him my lady"! With that thought to cling to, they set off towards the palace, riding double on the mount Hornbean arrived on.

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The princess clung to Hornbeam's waist. It seemed strange to the young woman that such an old and grizzled man should have such a trim and muscular body. But, there was no time to dwell on trivial matters. Her father was dying, and the cool glow of the moon told her how much time she had lost.

"I'm sorry, Princess; I know your lovely face is being scratched by the branches." Hornbeam's voice was full of care, despite the fact that he had his horse galloping at full speed. He was a skilled horsemen; there was no doubt of that.

Finally, the castle came into view, and Simone was relieved-temporarily. Guards came rushing at the two, frightening Simone's kitten, who tucked his little muzzle even more deeply under her cloak. "We have been instructed to treat you with courtesy, your highness, but we insist that you dismount and follow us."

The first guard reached up to help Simone down, but Hornbeam's strong forearm pushed him away. "I will help the princess. Your highness, I believe these men have captured us." Then, as he lifted her down, he whispered, "Just follow my lead. You will be fine, and we will see your father soon." Despite the terrible scratches he had suffered in reaching her and traveling to the castle, Simone thought there was a glow about Hornbeam which had escaped her previously.

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They were led to her father's bedside. He looked so shriveled and unwell in the bed. Simone cried out and dropped to her knees beside her father. Hornbean turned to the guards and asked that they be given a minute alone with the king - there was nothing they could do now he told them. As the guards left the room, Hornbean withdrew a potion from his waistcoat. "Don't fret Princess" he said. " I have just the thing to help". With that said he twisted the top off the potion. A fine mist rose from the bottle and Hornbean and the King were transformed! Hornbeam's old and withered visage changed to a knight bold and beautiful of face. the King gained life and strength. Simone gasped "What is this magical thing that you do?" Hornbean replied, "Hagatha gave this to me before we left her to put things they way they are supposed to be before foul magic was worked upon them". The king sat up from his death bed, hugged his daughter and swore vengeance against those who had done this to him. Rescue the cat looked about him with his golden eyes missing nothing.

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As the king arose from the bed to his full stature, Prince Hornbeam bowed to his beloved and regal majesty. He had always thought the king was an old, frail man. "Your majesty," he whispered in awe.

"Arise, young prince, you have helped to restore me to my former self. You have successfully put a stop to Kitklash's plot to murder me. As a reward for your faithfulness and your dedication to my daughter, Princess Simone, you will soon know the whole truth!"

Suddenly, a glow appeared in the sky that outshone the rising sun. The glow grew larger and its golden gleam finally filled the room. Finally, their blinded eyes cleared, and they realized that a beautiful woman stood in their midst. The young people were mystified by her presence, but the king smiled as he recognized her lovely countenance, and seemed not surprised at all when the woman surrounded them with her cloak. Then the entire group, enveloped so gently, yet securely, seemed to rise above the castle walls until they floated gently to a large platform in the middle of the fair.

The guards knelt until the group was out of sight. Then Kitklash came staggering out of the castle. Rage filled his once handsome face until his visage became grotesque! The black magic
that he had attempted to bestow upon the king had now enveloped him, and he finally collapsed. The guards realized they had been fooled by his skillful and understated rhetoric, and had not realized the evil behind his actions. They mounted their steeds and followed their beloved king, watching the shining glow in the morning sky.

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Simone gasped as she realized that the beautiful enchantress was Hagatha! Her father had a lot of explaining to do! Hagatha deposited them in the town square in front of Killara who had been so worried about Simone and Hornbean! Killara was enchanted by the King's beautiful persona! He seemed to be staring straight at Killara. Hagatha turned to Killara and said, "Dear child, you had been taken from your home when you were a small child for your protection". "Your father was worried that a foul game was a foot and that your life was at stake." "He had me secret you here in this town under the rule of this wise leader." "Your younger sister had been foully murdered and he would do anything to protect you!" "Now that the evil sorcerer KitKlash has been defeated you may know your true identity!" Killara gasped in suprised, she had never guessed any of this! The king looked at her and said, "Killara dear, you are my promised wife!" "You are the daughter of a fine duke and I have loved you from afar for a long time!" "I have vowed to love you for all time!" Simone was thrilled that her father loved her new friend! It would be wonderful to have her a s a stepmother! Killara was in awe, that so great a man could love her. She looked into his eyes and saw his love reflected there. "Of course I shall be your bride", she exclaimed and he swept her into his arms. Simone smiled at Hornbean, who cleared his throat and hesitantly asked the king, "Sir, I love your daughter and I would ask your permission to court her!" Simone was thrilled and got her daddy to agree, even though she was young. A young child came up and said to the Princess, " I have the perfect name for your cat, your Majesty!" "Happiness". So Rescue became Rescue Happiness and all of the realm rejoiced.

The End!
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