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Another Make a Story Thread

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Now that I am feeling better I need to start stretching my mind. I had an idea about a story only this is different. Here is the idea. One person will start it by NOT starting a story, but supplying instead six (6) words. The next poster will take these 6 words and make a paragraph out of those words keeping them in the order they are listed. We did this on another board awhile back and it was great fun. It helps to activate your head (and I need that mental stimulation right now) It also helps that some of the words are not ordinary so the person has to think how to bring the paragraph together. If you are game, here we go...........


At the end of this exercise these paragraphs should read as one continuing storyline.
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Once upon a time, in a far away land there lived a princess. Her name was Princess Simone. Simone wanted her land to thrive. She got her father to build a new schoolhouse for all of the kingdom's children. When asked why she cared, she said "I have to confess, I love my people with all my heart!" To show their love, her people brought her the most beautiful feline early one evening.
She loved that little kitten and announced a competetion to name the cat. First prize was 1 million gold pieces. A man came thru town and saw all the people standing around the town crier. With a swagger in his walk, he approached the group.

(Do I get to pick 6 words next or just go one from here?)
If I have to pick words then they are:

If not then just continue.
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"I am Preposterous, the gourmet chef of the town of Swaggersville" he boasted while groping his hands along the backside of a voluptous maiden who was standing beside him. She emitted a hearty shriek, and backed quickly out of reach. Preposterous, began to bluster and apologized for the unruly contact. He tried to explain that his religion, advised this sort of contact brought you closer to God, but none of the crowd was buying his story. Instead of a joyful welcoming, he was quickly getting a cold shoulder.

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"Please call me Prep - all my friends do!", he said. Prep was raised as a hugger and attempted to hug all he could see. This started an arguement amongst the townfolk, who were shy - they argued who had to be the designated hugger for the group. They picked an old decrepit man and Prep thought "humbug - I wanted to hug the pretty maid". He tried to use his magnetic smile to attract the girl to his side. She dumped the jar of water she was carrying over his head. It was a mixed blessing as it was a hot day.
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The old man was a bit stinky, his clothes were shabby and when he smiled the fact that he needed extensive dental work became quite apparent. He wore a old dusty hat that was much too big for his head and had looked something like an old lampshade. Perched upon his shoulder was his pet Oriole named Pestri that never left his side. No one knew the man's name they just knew he was registered with the town as a known fellon and with this fact it caused the town's citizens to ostracize him. When he came to live in this town he was given a big roundaround about where he could live but then it was agreed that he stayed on the riverbank far enough away from the towns people's homes.

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The hovel given to the old man was an ugly blot on the lovely landscape. So the old man and Pestri, his Oriole, soon became targets of the people's wrath. "Listen, people!," he yelled, trying to communicate his interest in the good of the kingdom. The only feedback he received was a bag of his ragged clothes thrown out the door with him and Pestri. The old man picked up the small bundle, which he intended to carry to the princess. Soon these people would know who he really was.

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So the old man set off with his small bundle of clothing, Pestri and an apple he had picked on his way into town. He traveled down a path way that traveled over some hilly terrain and overlooked a lake. He walked quietly amoungst the boisterous flock of birds that were seated high above the path in the surrounding trees. "If only there was some way to educate those people about who I really am," the old man softly said to Pestri as he took a small bite out of his apple. The journey ahead was going to be long and he thought that if he could find some kind of vehicle to get him to his destination quicker the sooner he would be able to rejoin their society. Just then Pestri ruffled his feathers and squaked a bit alerting his master to what he eyed ahead.

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Princess Simone emerged from her hiding spot. At first, she attempted to find the best possible getaway route. She was frightened. He had, from the moment he passed through her town, fascinated her. Who was he????She was intrigued and wanted to know more. Perhaps, if she were to introduce him to at least one member of her family, then they could find out because, you see, she had this terrible problem with shyness and there was no way she could ask him who he was and what he wanted for fear of being reduced to crying in the presence of a stranger. That was not a proper thing for a princess to do. He approached her slowly, afraid, in his own way that he was frightening her. It reminded him, for a split second, that this almost seem like a cat and mouse game. Would she run away? And if yes, would he even attempt to follow? What did she want anyways? Her behavior puzzled him because it was her who had snuck up on him and she was the one that was frightened. God, he wished there was a different way to make a living. The meager salary that he took home each week just was not worth all the trouble that being a messanger had bestowed upon him. To heck with the king....he had had it! What was he going to do about her now????

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Meanwhile, back at the town square Prep was drying off and said to the young maid "you should show kindness to strangers and should not dump water on my head!". The maid, Killara, gave him a suffering look and said "good sir, I am tired of men thinking of me as only a pretty face - I am much more then that!". Prep replied, "but you are like a flower - if I were a hummingbird I would fly around you!" Killara shook her head and turned away in tears. No one would ever understand her dreams. She would probably end up some one's wife, cooking his food and sitting by the warmth of a fire with 10 children for many a bitter winter. Only time would tell if her dreams would come true. Maybe if she could win the contest and get the gold she could follow her dream!

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Before Killara could enter her father's dwelling she had to pay a visit to an expectant mother by the name of Hagatha. Hagatha was known throughout the village to be surrounded in secrets and majic. She was known to cast spells upon people who looked her full in the face and yet many a noble man and woman would seek her out, for she had extraordinary stargazing abilities and could forsee the future. Killara was already exhausted from the day's event, but she knew that she was the only one in the village that Hagatha would even speak to. No one knew the identity of the woman's child-to-be and there were times when Killara wondered, if her father was the culprit?

"Oh stop this!" she muttered to herself, that idea is prepostrous indeed. And so with those thoughts cast aside, Killara began the longer trek out to Hagatha's house.

As she neared Hagatha's cottage she noticed an odd sight way off in the distance. Straining to see over the tops of the houses that dotted her path, she could only make out a long line of horses and caravans. Grabbing her skirt up toward her waist, she climbed up to the top of Hagatha's well and leaned over to see what was approaching the town. What could it be? Could it be a carnival? She had heard Mockington the town blacksmith talking the other day about the possibility that a circus was coming to town. Well this certainly brightened up her attitude! She didn't even really know what a circus was, but it looked like fun!






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Meanwhile.. The old man took a step forward and gazed upon the princess. He didn't know who she was and she gave no clue about it either since her designer gown had been torn and tattered leaving her looking like a cheap strumpet. If she had a little stability in her life she would not be here right now looking the way she did and staring silently at a stranger.

The imminence of danger was all around her, lurking within the forest so why was she out here, the old man wondered. From the looks of things it seemed as though she was looking for help or was in some kind of danger... Maybe he could help her find a solution?

Right about now the princess wished she was back at home, curled up in front of the fireplace with her cat but after what happened she was scared to go back home. The day had grown dark and gusty and she was certainly not dressed for the weather. Without a word, the old man pulled out a thick wool blanket from his bundle and offered it to the shivering princess with a friendly smile.

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"I'll protect you little one", he said. "I understand what it is like to be alone and afraid". The princess immediately felt better from the old man's kindness. He spoke in a gentle voice to the little girl. "I'll take you to my friend Hagatha and she can find you a replacement dress!" "She will furnish you with what you need!" Unable to believe her good fortune, she agreed to go with the man. He did not recognize her as the princess. It was easy for her to pretend she was just any other little girl. This way she could find out for sure what the people in the kingdom felt about her. Plus, as a princess, she could not go to the circus! But she could if no one knew!

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About an hour or so of walking the old man and princess Simone neared Hagatha's house. Simone wondered who this Hagatha was since she had never heard of her name being mentioned before. She grew uneasy as they got closer because posted on crude wooden signs were cryptic messages about keeping away slovenly painted upon them. The princess started to worry about where this man was taking her.

She nervously fiddled with a torn edge of her lavender dress as she spoke, "Who exactly is Hagatha?"

The princess' sounded perplexed when she spoke and with good reason. There she was alone in the woods with a strange looking old man and his bird whom he kept talking to and they were entering the territory of someone who boldly wanted no company.

The old man kept his line of sight on the ground because the terrain started to get rocky. He took to skipping over the rocks and without looking back at her he spoke. "Hagatha is a good friend of mine but she doesn't care much for strangers but any friend of mine is a friend of hers."

His words sounded so sincere and Simone was taken aback that he considered her a friend. She had never had anyone call her a friend before.

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Finally, the old man and the princess broke through the woods and stood in a clearing. Nestled in the center of the clearing was a rickety old cottage. The porch was adorned with all sorts of magic symbols and unless the Princess was mistaken (and she rarely was) growing off of the roof were gigantic toadstools seemingly just popping out in the middle of nowhere. Perhaps the journey she had just undertaken had been to tiring, causing her to hallucinate such a curious sight.

The old man extended his arm, and she saw for the first time, a tattoo of a bull in full charge on his forearm. He smiled at her for the first time that day and said, "My lady, would you like an escort to this locus? This place of deep magic, the dwelling of Habitha? Be warned her foyer is guarded by trolls and a baby dragon, but I will let nothing harm you."

His last remark alarmed the princess and she quickly seized his hand. She watched hiim stow Petri under his ragged coat. He told her, "this is for Petri's protection. And so very cautiously she allowed him to escort her to this strange abode.





old maid

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Killara, entranced by the distant parade of people, wondered whom she might encourage to go with her. As she pondered the meager possibilities she was startled out of her reverie by approaching voices. Killara quickly hopped down of the brim of the well and dropped out of sight behind it. She peered cautiously from behind to spy an odd trio. It appeared to be a young woman clad in tattered clothing and an old man who was just tucking what looked to be a bird into his frock. She strained to catch a few snippets of their animated conversation.

"I am sure that Habitha will indulge your wish, my dear,but be careful what you wish for. The majic is strong." the old man said.

"I don't wish to ever be an old maid!" the woman replied as she pulled the wrap more tightly to her.

"Ah," said the old man, "Habitha's well. Do you fancy a sip?"

Killara held her breath. Surely they would spy her. But it was too late to find a better hiding place. Feeling like an immature and senseless child, she did the only thing she could.

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Killara suddenly stood up from her hiding spot and dusted herself off while offering the couple a smile and said, "Hello,don't mind me, I was just about to have a sip of this brackish water."

The old man and princess Simone jumped a little bit at Killara's sudden apperance but said nothing. They both watched as Killara cuped her hand and lowered it into the well. "This water is very good for healing you know," Killara stated as she brought a handful of water to her mouth and sipped. "I keep having these ephemeral fevers on and off and the town doctor can't seem to find what is causing them. I am hoping that this water will do the trick."

Before any more could be said Hagatha appeared seemily from no where standing on her front lawn with her hands upon her hips. She was an blasphemous old woman who was saying things that princess Simone never imagined she'd hear in her life. As Hagatha continued to rant about a stranger being in her presence Simone tried to dislodge the lump in her throat to speak in her defense.

It was getting late in the day and the sky was darkening just enough so the moon could be seen. The old man looked up and noticed the phase of the moon was in dichotomy. It was this time that Hagatha became cholertic and the old man swore at himself because he should have known.

Hagatha grew increasingly angry by the moment and she seemed like she was armament by the way she waved the stick around in her hand.

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Hagatha raised her arms and with a booming voice she said "I demand to know who this waif is that you have brought into my presence."

The princess was insulted! How dare this horrible old woman call her a waif! Did she not know who she was addressing? Just as Princess Simone was going to spout out about her royal blood, she remembered just exactly what she looked like. The gown she had borrowed from her chambermaid was ill-fitting and tattered. It barely dragged the ground but the princess knew that she could rely on her girl's total discretion, that is why she had decided to switch clothes with her. She had gleaned this idea when she passed a coterie of woman who were chattering about the contest to name the royal kitten. Princess Simone decided she wanted to be with the people, so she had asked Penelope to trade dresses, soiled her face with ashes from the fire and tucked her long hair up underneath the back of her dress. She had also utilized the platy of minerals near the creek to help with her disguise. She had been so bored at the castle she had even thought about sneeking down into the cellar and sampling some of that funny juice stored in quart pots. But instead, she decided to go out with the people and conceal her identity. And now, she had met a funny strange old man, a woman of uncomparable beauty and this Hagatha who was still ranting on about her presence. The only item the princess had was her badge from the Royal Order of the Garter, a special club of royalty's children. She could show this badge and then they would know who they were trifling with. But on the other hand........

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A wrinke appeared on Hagatha's brow "It is of no matter who this child is as I can see she is pure of heart". The princess was suprised, no one had ever been this informal with her and she found that she enjoyed it. Killara was suprised as well as Hagatha would normally not comprimise herself to speak up on the behalf of someone new - "this girl must be special" she thought. Killara turned to face the grave on the hill behind Hagatha's house. There was a hollowness in her as she thought "this girl reminds me of my dead sister Krystal". From the distance the grave seemed toothlike, and Killara looked away.

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Killara noted to herself that this girl standing before her had this winsome charm about her just like her deceased sister. She shook the thoughts about her sister out of her head and turned to look at Simone. She looked curiously familar but couldn't place where she had seen her before. Maybe she had seen her at the market place or maybe she had recognized her as one the official royal helpers.

Out of habit Killara began to fiddle with her silver pendant that was in the shape of her zodiac figure, Aries. She knew there was something different about this girl but she had no clue about the magnitude of her greatness.

Hagatha stepped forward and took Simone's hand into hers. This woman who gave off in her first impression to Simone as being a tyrant was now treating her with much respect. Quite odd Simone thought to herself, how this woman could be so angered with her presence one minute then be so friendly and welcoming to her the next. Simone considered Hagatha was trying to pull some hocus-pocus on her and never let her guard down.

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Pestri stuck his pileum out of the old man coat to see what was going on. Hagatha pulled Simone with her saying "don't futz about child - I won't hurt you". Behind Hagatha's house was a beautiful rosewood deck that was overlooking the field were the fair was being set up. They could some one hammering a spike into the ground. In the middle of the field an escritoire was set up and the chief fairs' man was writing in what looked to be a large leather bound ledger.

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(I'll go again since we seem to have stalled!)

The massive fair tent was the cynosure of the field. All of the activity made Simone's imagination soar! She pretended she was in charge of the fair. She thought to herself " I can think of a modification or 2, but it looks wonderful"! She could only think of platitude to express how much she loved the fair. "There is nothing really I can can to do ameliorate this fair" she said to Hagatha. "I have a penchant to go to the fair and a see all the sights" she exclaimed excitedly.

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Hagatha smiled and tilted her head in the direction of the fair grounds. "Why don't we all go and enjoy the carnival together," Hagatha suggested with a wink. All four of them nodded simultaneously and together ventured towards the fair, all anticipating the escapade that awaited them.

Meanwhile back at town center Prep, the gourmet chef was up to his old tricks. While the townsfolks were placing their entries for the royal cat naming contest, Prep stood in the backround grinning as he eyed the beautiful girls from afar. To the average person, they'd think Prep had a great amount of temerity as he walked behind the girls, goosing them one by one then turning away as if he had nothing to do with it.

As he walked down the line of woman he was stopped short in his tracks by a rather rotund looking man with an angry scowl upon his face. Prep gluped down a breath of air and nervously smiled at him. Right about now he wished he still had the aegis from his brother but instead of running at the sign of trouble Prep stood up tall and cleared his throat. "Can I help you sir?"

Prep didn't have many but his best quality was that he was a good fibber and many of times it has bailed him from a sticky situation. The large man before him grabbed Prep by the collar of his shirt and pulled him closer. "I know who you are and where you come from little man. Just do this town a favor and stay far away or you'll have more worries than you'll know what to do with."

With that the man let go of Prep and walked away. All Prep could do was straighten out his collar and outwardly shrug it off. Who was that man? He looked strangely familar although Prep was such a gadabout in so many places he could have met him anywhere.

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Meanwhile back to the eclectic group in the forest......

Killarha and Princess Simone were gathering flowers unlike any floral patterns they had ever seen. They wanted to plait them into their hair to garner a festive touch and even dared to hope Hagatha might allow one of them to touch her white hair up with all these vibrant colors. All the while they were busy doing this, Princess Simone was fingering the medal in the pocket and wondering if maybe she should let the group in on her secret about her Membership of Royalty? She had glanced off in the distance earlier, towards the horizon and noticed a cloud of dust swirling impressively from the direction of the castle. She had a suspicion that her father had sent the royal guardsmen in search of his wayward daughter. She was also reasonably certain that her royal mount Cruise, a beauiful black stallion was included in this endeavor, because once Cruise smelled her scent he would let out a whinny the whole kingdom could hear and her secret would then be revealed. She needed some special help from her new friends if she was going to remain outside for much longer.

There would be no equity for her once she was captured and she would be whisked away in short order to be then shamed in private by her father who believed that Royals did not mingle with peons and vagrants but remained inside the castle walls, instructed by teachers and nannies and safe from prying eyes.

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Simone took no comfort in her father's love as she found it repressive having to stay in the castle all of the time. She loved her people and they loved her, but she felt envy in their close family lives. She was lucky if she got to spend time with her father as he was always busy - or at least it seemed so since her mther, the Queen died. While she was thinking things thru, their path brought them closer to the fair. Simone could see a performer practicing beside the tent. There was a smell of sulpher in the air. "Maybe they will be doing something with the new canonball machine I heard of" she said to her new friends. Hagatha exclaimed "I have a predicition!" They stopped in the middle of the path to hear what she had to say.

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Hagatha drew herself up in a haughty manner. Prior to this, she was just a hunched over wizzened woman, but when she drew herself up in an impressive manner towering above the entire group.

"It is destiny that has thrown us all together," she said quietly. "I have been a oracle for some time now, and I have an idea that this group is not all that it seems." With these words, she ceased speaking and looked meaningfully at Princess Simone and the old man. Then, with her voice booming like thunder, she turned her long, gnarled wrinkled hands in the direction of the old man and said. "You are not a commoner. You are of the order of Royal Blood! Your code is honor and your shield is hidden underneath that shabby cloak!" Her curled elongated fingernails caught the lapel of his coat and she swung her hand. The coat flew aside as if by magic and shattered when it hit the ground. Pestri squawking wildly flew up out of the pieces of the cloak and into the pine boughs high above. Under the present circumstances, the group now stood in stunned silence. Where the man's chest had been hidden from sight there was now a gleam of metal. Magnificently displayed across his chest was a breastplate of gold and silver. No wonder his movements on the journey had been so stilted and slow. That breastplate must weigh a ton! Princess Simone, shielded her eyes and peered closly trying to see past the brilliance to decipher the images engraved on the breastplate.

"Why you are Prince Hornbean!" she exclaimed. "Your kingdom is renowned for it's way with gardening and your cucumbers are coveted food in my castle." Suddenly, Princess Simone realized her error and she clapped her hand to her mouth, but it was to late.

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Her fellow fair goers ignored her blunder as they respected her wish to not be known. As they looked toward the fair, they could see the townspeople milling about. Good knight Hornbean said "please say nothing about my identity to the townspeople - I am here on a mission of great importance!" At this news Killara tripped over a rock and it was only the fact that she was normally sure footed that saved her from a nasty fall. Hornbean exclaimed "are you alright my lady". Killara had never had anyone call ber that before. She found this personal form of address lovely as most people called her wench. Simone thought she heard a meow, but it was only the bird Petri sounding like one. He was sitting in a pine tree near by and she exclaimed "why he sounds just like a cat!" Hornbean explained that Petri wanted to be a cat and not a bird, but there was nothing that you could do about nature.

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(I'll go again since we are stalled!)

It was an historic day for the kingdom. It was the 1st time that a fair had come to town and Princess Simone thought that it was wonderful. She sniffed the air and could smell the aroma of treats. Killara exclaimed "I hope they have some fresh cantolope pie at the fair!". Princess Simone looked at her with a question in her eye, she had never heard of cantolope pie before. They hade finally reached outside the fair grounds. Horn bean reminded them not to let his secret out as he pulled a new cloak out of his pack to cover his insignia.

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The fair was truly a wonder to behold. Most of the town had never seen such things! There were specialty shops with goods they had never imagine. Foods fit for the gods - turkey legs, artichokes, corn on the cob, melted chocolate in bowls, and roast meats of every type.

The rag-tag group stopped at the information booth to see what all was at the fair, but the majority of them couldn't read. Princess Simone broke the silence after studying the map, led the group down the main "street" of the fair. They gazed wondrously at the costumes that the gypsys and fair workers wore - every color in the rainbow in exotic materials. And then, horse-back riders led a procession carrying flags from many towns and provinces. Prince Hornbeam quietly pointed out his flag to his companions, and they all cheered when their own flag went past.

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As the equestrian team passed, a striking black stallion in the line suddenly flared his nostrils and snorted. He skidded to a standstill and stood surveying the crowd until his eyes rested on his beloved owner Princess Simone. Cruise let out a sharp whinny, and Princess Simone cringed and backed away quickly. She knew her game was soon to end and her royalty would be announced. She had no idea how most of the crowd would react to her, and her eclectic band, as if reading her mind, carefully surrounded her and started making their way off toward the deep foilage that lay some distance beyond their immediate reach. But Cruise was riveted to the spot and he followed their progress with his intelligent eyes, then he squealed a high piercing squeal, rearing up and dumping off his rider unceremoniously into the dirt. Then he took off at a gallop, charging after his beloved mistress.

The group was no match for this black stallion so they stood helplessly watching those pounding hooves draw ever closer. When Cruise drew abreast of the group he executed a magnificent sliding stop and stopped just inches away from his beloved princess. Princess Simone reached out and lovingly stroked her mount's velvet nose and blew into his heaving nostrils. He nickered and walked closer, bumping her in the chest and sighed deeply. He had found her at last!
Simone looked sadly at her new group of friends, but seeing the Master of the Guard quickly approaching, she reluctantly started to put her foot into the stirrup. Before she could mount, she heard an indignant meow. Startled, she noticed the saddle bag at Curise's heaving sides was quivering. She opened up the bag and pulled out her feline, her beloved kitten who had no name as of yet. No Name was thrilled to see her lady and she snuggled down into Princess Simone's neck and her purrs rumbled throughout the land.

Some of the malcontents in the crowd who had become upset at the interference to the days festivities fell silent at the sight of the girl, the kitten and horse nestled together. How could they pass judgement on such a wonderous scene and start a riot?

Captain KitKlash the Master of the Guard finally pushed through the crest of the crowd that had gathered. His face was red from exertion and he knew that he had to get the princess and her menagerie back to the castle before something unpleasant happened.

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Simone drew herself up, no longer hiding. She had a good adventure and now was the time to resume her duties as princess. She had gained a new maturity thru this adventure and she would be forever changed. She did not need to check in a mirror to know she was a mess, but she was proud of how she looked. Her new friends stood behind her, not really knowing what was going on. It seemed to the crowd that a month had passed for the Master of the Guard to approach the strage group, although it had only been minutes. He had a sullen look on his face, as he hated dealing with the princess - he wanted the kingdom for himself, but was not beloved by the people. He thought that if the princess wasn't around then the king would name him heir as he was a cousin of the deceased queen. He was trying to spread hearsay about the royal family to discredit them. He needed to get the crowd on his side as now was the best time to do in the princess and achieve his rightful place on the throne. He had many sleepless night fighting his conscience and his ambition.
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