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Guess what he ate this time!

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Can anyone tell me if Puffed Wheat is bad for cats? 8-Bit broke into our cabinets yet again and helped himself to some organic puffed wheat cereal.

Here's a link to the company that makes it:
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My cat, Charlotte, loves to eat my frost shredded mini-wheats or anything wheat. I don't believe wheat is harmful unless your cat has an allergy to it. I just wouldn't recommend a cat eating human cereal that contains dyes or lots of sugar.
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I think its okay, my Gina loved to eat out of my cereal bowl when she was a kitten, it was usually granola.
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One of mine loves cereal, with or without milk! I daren't leave any on the table, even for a moment. I don't think it will do any harm, but I would try and stop it happening again!
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I agree. Like bread, in moderation I wouldn't think it would cause harm. But try to avoid the situation!

Maybe you could buy one of the plastic cereal containers?!
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....hehe some cats are carbaholics - my friends cat loves wheat puffs, air popped popcorn, puffed rice, etc. As long as you give only a little every once in a while - it's just fine.
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At least the puffed wheat was organic.
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I think it's okay...My Bella eats 2 pieces of popcorn about once a week, that is her limit 2 pieces!
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Originally Posted by xocats
At least the puffed wheat was organic.
Yeah, we eat a whole food lifestyle here, so I wasn't worried about added chemicals. I've decided that I am investing in baby locks for all of my cabinets. This isn't the first time we've had a kitty break in. Although, this one was rather cute, because the other cat was standing guard. When my husband walked into the kitchen the other cat batted the door shut with his paw. I swear that the two of them could rule the world if we let them.
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LOL!! I love it that she raided your organic cereal!!

Speaking of ruling the world, I have a kitten now that I would swear knows how to temporarily disappear into thin air!!
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It's harmless. No need to worry.
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She is slightly confused about grains and cats but so is my Zoey ... At least she eats organic
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