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4 week old kitten behavior.

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The orphaned babies are now 4 weeks old.

Latte will try and eat some p/d canned food, but the other two want nothing to do with it. But I've been blending about a teaspoon in with their kmr.

But anyway.. I don't know if this is normal behavior for kittens or not. it's been awhile since I had 4 week olds.
They are seeming to get extremely aggressive... they will playfight with each other and they scream bloody murder. Cappuccino especially.. he bites us as well, and those little teeth are like razor blades.. I gat marks all down my arm from him. He will just come up and bite you, wobble away and come back and try to get you again.

I am assuming that he is playing.. but I don't want this behavior to keep up.. else he won't ever find a home. So I just hope that this is just a stage and that they will grow out of it.

Also, when abouts should I start putting down water, food, and whatnot.. I already got them litterboxes becaus they were peeing all over the place in the bathroom.. but I don't think they have used it yet.. I put some pee and poop in them, as well.
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My foster kittens were also pretty crazy at 4 weeks...they were chasing each other and they didn't want to be held. A good idea is to start to take them indivudually into another room for some one on one time with you. That will help with their socialization.

Also....this website is really helpful for next steps in development:


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They love to be held, and cuddled... but they are just so nasty.. not only to people but to themselves.. I guess thats how they learn not to be so rough though, by hurting each other in the process of playing.

They are starting to use the litterbox.. Latte has pooped once or twice behind the toilet.. but I saw him poop in the box today I think I will squirt some lemon juice behind the toilet to keep them away from back there.

They still don't want the canned p/d.. but I have been blending about two table spoons or so of it into half a mug of kmr. Because they go through one of those small things of KMR in three days, and it's getting expensive. So I am trying to get them onto the wetfoods.
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I have found that blowing gently in their faces will discourage biting, but you have to be consistent.
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I am guessing that the kittens are a little wilder than most because they don't have a Momma to "spank" them when they are too rough. Just be as careful as you can not to let them get away with biting and scratching you.

Try a stuffed animal for them to bite at. I think the being too rough with each other will work its way out on its own, unless one is much smaller than the others.
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Well I got them all in the bathroom together now. Latte hasn't been sucking on them so far.. so thats good.

They are using the litterbox all the time now, though one of them had an accident behind the toilet. But they are now eating wetfood off a plate, and attempting to drink out of a dish. Though I am still feeding them with the syringe to make sure they get enough to eat.

Since I put them all together again, their moods have changed.. they still bite us, but not hard.. and I gently blow in their faces now, to tell them its not right :P
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