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She's finally settled in her box and starting to push a little.
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UGH get that camera out NOW!! and dont come back without pics! Lol jk! Its just something about kittens being born that makes me melt inside...especially after birth you see them settiling in on momma cat and pawing for their milk then they move around with their little milk mouths lol...its too mcuh@ and im dying to see if it was the flame point male or tabby male she matted with..or both!!!
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Well, these are boring pics, since she hasn't had any yet, but here are a couple of pics of her in her box...

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shes definatly ready!! have you ever had to assist a birth??
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Congrats to you and church cant wait to see pics of the new babies
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Originally Posted by Jaclyn4238
shes definatly ready!! have you ever had to assist a birth??

Many many times... I raised siamese for over 15 years and have done dozens of rescue litters as well.
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Sigh... now things are probably going to stall for a bit. My room is at the back of the house, with our deck just off the back door of my room.
There was a cat fight on my deck (I have no idea who's cats they are and couldn't see anything because it's dark), so that noise freaked Church out. She got out of the box and is now just sitting at the back door growling in the most menacing growl I have ever heard come from a cat.
I moved her box to the other side of the room hoping she would feel more comfortable with it again, but we'll see.
The stray cats are gone, but I'm not sure how long it will take her to settle in now.
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I hope she returns to her nesting box and can get comfortable again
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Just do your best to get her comfortable again......... that happened between 2 cats in my backyard today and it unsettled my 5 ..... it took about 30 minutes for them to calm down .......... yours will too ......keep us posted !!!!
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any news yet?
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No not yet, but she seems to have settled in her box again and her contractions are becoming stronger again... so hopefully! LOL
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Come on church you can do it girl...lol
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She just won't stop digging in the litterbox, and if I leave the room even to go pee, she gets up and is meowing at the door to get out of my room... *sigh*

Looks like this will be an all nighter... but she can't hold them forever!
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Sooner or later lol hopefully sooner she might do that because she wants you there
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Aww Darn! It's okay Church, the bad kitty's are gone and you can have those babies now! She's gonna be find. She is going to realize that she can have her babies soon. That is an amazing survival feature. If you are in labor and something isn't right, you just stop the process and call it a day. Ladies, can you imagine that!
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That's exactly what she did too... but then she really got going again, and then a huge thunderstorm started. It didn't really freak her out, but I could tell she was hesitant. She is pushing hard now so it should be any minute... poor girl, I hope she doesn't get too tired before she's done because of all the delays
She seems great so far though, but I still worry.
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Hows it going? Do you have any babies yet? How is church coping?

Cant wait to hear news

x x x x x x x x
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Hows church doing? anything new? any babies?
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Nope... she sort of stalled again. Not exactly stopped labor, but stopped pushing. I'm worried ,but she seems ok, still not going to sleep though. LOL
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Is she panting at all? I am getting a lil worried myself lol
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Still nothing? Come on church you can do it lol i bet you are gettin more and more excited lol
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We finally have 2 kittens so far. First one was breech, it's a little tortie, second was looks like a dilute tortie maybe, but it' not dry yet.
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Now we have 3, another little tortie
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ohhh cant wait for pics!! Icis has decided she is never giving birth,lol.
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Oh finally something is happening.....lol

Bet ur pleased at last its all underway. Do you know how many she is having?

Come on church, your doing a great job. Belly rubs from me.
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yaya church!! PICS!! so do you think the daddy was the long haired guy and not the siamese!?
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wohoooo! I just love torties!!!!!!!! can't wait to see pictures!
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Still only three, but I was sure I felt another one in there... she seems done though...
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That is wonderful !!!!! So glad she settled down and got comfortable again. Congratulations ....... send some pics !!!!
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Here are a couple of pics... her belly is still so big it doesn't even look like she had any, and they're not huge kittens... healthy though.
It feels like there is at least one more in there, but I'm not sure if maybe it's just the uterus I'm feeling. She doesn't appear to be in labor anymore, but it wouldn't surprise me if she started again and had one or two more.
The two torties are females of course, and the one that I thought was a dilute tortie (when it was wet still) is actually a blue male with a white tip on his tail.

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