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Happy Cat Behavior

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I have a 3 year old cat (Kitty) which does a little something "different" when she's being petted on his back. About 2 inches from her tail, if it's even touched, she will start to chew on anything near her mouth, usually her paws. If there's any toys or strings near her, she will definately get to that first and chew away. It's not a behavior that seems dangerous to her, she seems to love it, I'm just not sure why she does this. As soon as I stop touching her back, she stops chewing, but the second I pet her, she's right back at it. Any ideas or thoughts would ease my curiousity. Thanks. Gina
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My cat Piggy did the same thing. After all my years having cats, it was the first time I saw anything like that happen. I think with her, I was hitting a nerve and that the chewing was a reaction to the nerve. She would chew her foot, or the couch, whatever was in front of her and when she could not take it anymore, she would try to chew me to make me stop.
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Never heard about anything like this before... The nerve theory seems to make sense though.
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