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Cats Sleeping in Litterboxes

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I have often noticed cats in the cages at the adoption center where I volunteer curled up in their litterboxes instead of their beds. I always chalked it up to needed a "safe" place when they are stressed and wanted "protection" of a box while in a strange place. They usually stop after a couple days, max.

My new darling, spoiled girl, has plenty of room to lounge and sleep, including a sofa, a box with high sides and a special kitty pillow, my bed, chairs, etc. yet I just caught her curled up in her (clean, thank God) box. She has lots of hideouts scoped out around the place too - I don't get the whole "must hang out in the litter box" thing.

Does anyone else have a cat that does that? Do they stop it eventually? It is the only behavior that somehow really bugs me....
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Anya did it for a couple of days right after we got her. She had an upper respiratory infection and was feeling pretty bad there for about a week. I worried at first, but then decided that she just felt bad, and in her litter box she was surrounded by HER smell. It's probably very comforting.

She's better now though and, knock on wood, has only used her litter box for its intended uses since then. I'm sure your kitty will stop soon too once adjusted.

OH- Here's a link to the thread where I was worried about the same thing. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=90918
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I've noticed cats curling up in their litter trays at cat shows, too. These are all perfectly healthy animals but the stress of the occassion seems to make them turn to the litter tray as the safest place available to them. Awww! as you said, Emily, it must be because it's their smell in a strange place.
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Thanks for the input. I think she is still mad at me for trying to give her medicine yesterday. I guess it is "two steps forward, one step back" kind of thing.
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I got a little kitten from the shelter, about 8 weeks old and she spent a few days sleeping in her litter box, even though I spoiled her with a big soft fluffy bed from the pet store.

She doesn't sleep in it anymore - but she does play in it, which can be pretty irritating sometimes!

I think she needs a fun cardboard box or something to play in - because what she's doing is putting her toys in the litter box, and then walking to the other side of the room - then slowly sneaking up to the box and "surprising" her toys by suddenly jumping into the box and catching them . . .
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Zissou did that awhile when she first got here. She was also in a new place, and sick, and very young. I haven't seen her do it in a long time. She'll probably grow out of it.
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my kitties dont sleep in their litterboxes but they like to play in them. Lol kinda odd...but its fun to watch them. One of my cats got their paw stuck to the bag holding the litter and was struggling to get it off...hah fun to watch, but he was only stuck for like 10 seconds at the most. But anyway one of my cats got stuck in a plastic bag a few minutes ago and was running around the house freaked out!! I felt so bad... but hes ok now...i couldnt get the bag off him so i had to cut it....it was stuck around his neck...yeah so i felt really bad and helped him get out of it...hope that never happens again.
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I know this probably doesn't help but it reminded me of when we brought Phoenix home from Petsmart (3 months old) He didn't Pee or Poop for a day and a half. I almost cried when my BF texted me to let me know he used the litter box :o)
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My new girlie kitten would lay in the litter box when she first arrived, too.

Hmmmm, I've read the other posts here, they all seem to be girlies that are laying in the litter box .... do you think there's a connection, like it's a girl thing?
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that what made me get the kitty i have now.
she looked soooooo sad and lost and unwanted with just her eyes showing above the litter box.

she was so tiny when i first took her home. they said she was 4 months. But she did not look it. She has never done it at home,
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