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I currently have 3 cats. A mother a duaghter and the daughters son.
The most I ever had was 7 but that's only when we've had kittens. All my cats are fixed now.
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We have two cats, seen in my sig. The most we've had was 5--our old cat and her kittens. We also have a German Shepherd.
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I have 9 total. 4 exotic cats and 5 domestics.
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I have 4 plus my current foster kitty. All are rescues.

Isabella- odd-eyed Turkish Angora
Jasmine- Torti-point Siamese
Velvet- black dsh
Abilene-tiger tabbie
are all at my house

and my latest foster baby Harley- he's staying at my boyfriends house. He's a 7mo dsh (tiger tabbie)
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I have one and my dad says there is a stray at the barn I haven't seen it yet but dad has I am about to take it some food. I just put the food in a bowl at the barn and hope she finds it.
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I have a 6 pack.
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Hence my name, I have two kitties named KC and Sherman. (in my siggy as well) Both have the "tuxedo-ish" pattern in grey and while KC is a shorthair, Shermie is a poofball.
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Currently have 5 cats and 5 kittens....this is down from 8. I am going to keep one or two, or ALL of Chloes kittens,lol. Hubby just doesnt know it yet.
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I have 2 boys - Jaffa's 9 and Mosi's 6 months.
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I have FIVE Masters:

Shadow Ram - smallest and Alpha cat (brother of Laptop and Sterling)

Tigger - oldest ( he's nasty to Sterling and Laptop so we don't let him play with them - we alternate letting them upstairs with us)

Laptop - biggest and he's also the scardy cat of the tribe

Sterling - diabetic and silly cat (he'll only approach me in the kitchen and if I'm sitting at the table or top of the stairs)

Charlie - three legs (we rescued him - he had evil slave who tied him/or snared him)

Tigger - wife is primary slave
Shadow - son is his primary slave
Laptop - I'm primary slave
Sterling - wife is primary slave
Charlie - he treats us all the same. Slave to his (almost) every whim
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I have one beautiful Tortie sweety...see sig for cute pic!!
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Originally Posted by white cat lover
I have my 3 housecats, Twitch, Lily, & Ophelia. Plus I have my two foster cats(possibly long term), Damita & Chico. In addition to them, I have 8 outside cats(in the garage & shop), Fafeena(13?), Slinky(8), Tabitha(5), Goat-head(3), Sandy Paws(2), Billy Bob & Tony(1), & Cow(4). As if that isn't enough, I have a cat from who knows where, Tomas(3-5 is the vet's guess), Boo Boo & Jasper. And of course, my little feral-ish Urchin. Like their names?
Just like me, only 3 cats! I love it!
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I have three...Tailer, Harvey and Forest. That's the most we've ever had, and probably the maximum we can handle at the moment with our work schedules and my travel schedule. If I had more time to devote to them I'd love to have about a dozen more! (I'm a sucker for a furry face!)
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I have four: Katie, 13, Gracie, 7, and Peter & Claire (littermates) who will turn 2 in a few weeks. I'd love to have more if space, money and time allowed.
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I have 2, Emily and Chessy
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We're managed by 6 cats, all rescues - in order from first to most recent: Lazlo, Sheldon (Shelly), Spooky (not spooked by much anymore, lol!), Tuxedo (almost lost his life twice to an autoimmune disease - he's doing GREAT!!), Flowerbelle (one eye and deaf), and Ming Loy (handicapped - she looks like a drunk with Parkinsons, always shaking and her back legs don't work very well - she doesn't get far without falling down and can't jump, but it doesn't bring her down!!!)

I suspect we're about to inherit anywhere from 3 to 5 outdoor kitties. The woman down at the end of our road (we're on a dead end) rescued cats for a while, and they're moving. She's got six indoor kitties and cares for five outdoor kitties - three of which are still quite feral. She wants to take them all with her when they move to North Carolina, but if she can't trap them all in time, she's going to let us know so we can start putting out food and build a winter shelter for them.

We haven't used our property for TNRd ferals because we've got a 650 lb bear and cub living up the hill. Even just the bird food attracts the bear in Winter (and in summer it doesn't help that we've got berry bushes EVERYWHERE on this property). We're not quite sure how we'll manage the process if she leaves any kitties behind, but we'll figure something bear-proof out for them.
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We officially have 2 now!!
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I have 6!

Noira - little 3 y/o DSH black indoor/outdoor girl
Pwne - female muscular 3 y/o DSH blue eyed cream and tabby striped alien kitty
Eliott - Blue/grey Himalayan, 8 y/o old man
Kinks - moody 3.5 y/o DSH Torti/calico chubby girl
Bowie - little akward grey and white DSH girl, short little legs and a chunky body
Da-Ku - huge 1.5 y/o DSH black male, he is absolutely enourmous and a big baby
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I have two of my own, Bandit and Ditto, a Burmese/Siamese mix and a straight Meezer. Then all the rescues I have at my house: 6 kittens (10 weeks old), their mother, a pregnant female ready to burst, a 12 year old Russian Blue and a FeLV+ guy. So, that's not so bad, just 12, down from the 19 I had earlier this weekend, but were adopted.
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I wish I could take in and foster a bunch of kitties but with our living situation the way it is...we have our forever babies.

Though as I stated I've taken in dozens of strays that were feral kittens and tamed them and found good homes for them.
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I have one beautiful fur kid. She is my little angle.
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I have three boys, all nine months old:

We originally got just the two perfect-in-every-way sibling orange cats, but they were so incredibly bonded that I worried what would ever happen if we lost one of them. So I went in search of a third boy the same age to fill in as my back up kitty, hence Loomis.
Of course he turned out to be one supreme weirdo, but he is getting along well with the brothers and we have quite warmed up to his wacko ways.

three is the perfect number of kitties!
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