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We have all sorts of toys that Sasha and the kittens like to play with. We have jingle balls, fake mice, stuffed animals, you name it. But what cracks me up, is that Turtle's favorite play-thing is Mommy's tail. while Sasha's eating, it's play time for baby. Sasha will ignore her for awhile, and tolerates it pretty well. and Turtle is completely entertained for as long as Sasha lets her be by this game. and Sasha almost seems to think she shouldn't be playing. she will have a blast with a jingle ball, and as soon as she sees one of us, she wheels around, and skid-runs away. it's hilarious.
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Kitty's weirdest thing (to me, anyway) is her fascination with lotion. Even if she is asleep on my bed, within minutes of my putting lotion on, she comes running and just has to try to lick it all off. She doesn't do it to anyone else, only me...

She always wants to be on my lap when I'm home. She will sit on the coffee table and just look at me, like she's telling me to hurry up and put my feet up so she can jump over and lay on my lap. If I don't move fast enough for her, she'll jump over and lay down, then give me a dirty look when I put the foot rest up like I'm disturbing her or something.

She will follow anyone back to the bathroom (well, she starts off following them anyway), and ends up underfoot and stops with her body across the hallway so it's difficult to get around her (narrow hallway) and look at you like, what...

Ok, I guess she's not as normal as I thought she was...
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