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job hunting .........

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Has anyone seen the work-from home type of jobs posted a lot on job boards, such as Monster.com? How legit are they? Has anyone ever done this job and did you like/dislike it?

I finally got my release date and it is the 1st week of July! I only have 2 weeks left! SO, I've been looking, so I won't have to rely on my severance money.....
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I sure don't envy you. Job hunting is cruel and unusual punishment, as far as I'm concerned. Best wishes to you!

I'm sorry, but I've no knowledge of those work-at-home situations you ask about. I hope somebody who's familiar with such jobs posts here soon.

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As long as the jobs aren't piece work and you are on the company's payroll it should be legit. Try to go with a company that has control over aspects of the job and the will pay you for time work, at regular intervals and directly to you. Check with them to see if they consisder you as self employed. If you have to put any cost into the set up or materials, then I would tend to avoid those positions.
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There's a whole lot of scams out there. I did some searching for hubby along these lines. There are some companies out there that are kind of like "brokerages" for legitimate business offering work-at-home jobs. Of course, they want $30-$50 for their listings, but I figured better that than getting scammed. (I never did get the books, so I don't know how really legit they are.)

Just be very, very careful, and be sure to check out the company on the Better Business Bureau website.
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You should check out being a virtual receptionist. You get to stay at home and I hear it pays pretty good money. Check out this from monster.com.

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Good luck with the job hunt! I hope you find something you like!!! Keep us posted!
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Congrats tigger! I bet you can't wait to get out of there...
And to have the fourth of July off too! I'm jealous!!!
But I don't envy you having to job hunt. If you were here, I'd give you a job at Long Johns but I doubt you'd like it very much...
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I put my resume on hotjobs.com and got a call from a financial services company for a sales/sales management job, but dont think i'm going to call the guy back. I don't want a sales job position. I keep seeing admin/secretarial jobs for the US Navy all the time on hotjobs, but I'm guessing to get that job, you have to enlist in the Navy?? And, I don't want to enlist..... I wonder if maybe it's a civilian-type job?
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I think they are civilian jobs Kim. I'm job hunting too! I've done Hotjobs, CareerBuilder and Monster.
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When I was looking for a job, I registered on all of those. I did get a couple of calls from the Monster listings that I applied to. I still found the best way was the good ol' fashioned local paper. Fortunately, all the classified ads are on line for the Denver Post/Rocky Mountain News. That would be my recommendation, anyway.
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Does a civilian job mean they can't ship you overseas, like if say a person were to enlist in any military organization? What kind of job are you looking for? Have you tried nettemps.com yet?
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No, from what I remeber they don't ship you oversees. It's your regular position, just for a Naval office. Usually the ad's specify though if it's open to civilians and I thought that they don't post where civilians have access if they didn't want it made available to them.
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I'm looking for something that will take advantage of my degree; something in finance, accounting, HR, or administrative. I don't want to take tempwork because I just can't risk it financially. If I were a little more financially stable then I would definitely consider it.
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