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Wellness Plans/Pet Insurance

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I took my new baby to the vet today which I thought was just a well cat visit - it turns out she has an ear infection and yeast as well as roundworms. I got meds for both.

She is about 8 months old, and she needs the last of her shots. I am not planning to use this vet service on a regular basis (large chain in pet supply store- had a $30 coupon from the adoption agency), but I did get sticker shock at how quickly it added up to an expense I was not expecting.

They were very keen on telling all about their yearly wellness plan (not cheap, but this wasn't either) and I wondered if anyone here has an "insurance" or "wellness' plan for their kitty. She is young and healthy so I don't know if wil be worth it or not.
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yeah I have vpi relatively cheap covers some major things but I will let you know how they turn out. I have had them a month and now need to use them for our cat email me in a few weeks and I will let you know how it goes Aj_18@hotmail.com
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My stepmom has her dog on vpi-she LOVES it...dog had to have a surgery on each leg and it was like 3,000 a surgery... they had to pay a few hundred. the dog also has urinary issues and a recently discovered thyroid issue-they covered most of the testing. Its her only pet and 100% her baby, a 9 1/2 yo rotti. for her the cost(of insurance) has been well worth it. RJ
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Mine are both insured. I couldn't afford the cost of unexpected vets bills without insurance. When my Magpie died last year vets bills cost me more than $3000 which I would have struggled with without insurance. I'd hate to be in a position where I have to turn down treatment or investigation because I can't afford it.
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One thing to think about is if you get it from a separate company it will cover your cat. If you get it through the vet it will cover your cat at that vet, so no emergency vet visits, if they go bankrupt you've lost your money, etc.

I'm going to get pet insurance too. Probably today... it's been on my to-do list.

ETA I just got it... I was astounded at how inexpensive it was... I got the Superior plan from VPI and paid for the whole year. Geez. I pay more than that for my own co-pays!
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I thought the cost for VPI with routine wellness and vaccinations was reasonable considering I spent over $130 (and had a $30 coupon or it would have been almost $200) just for a quick check out and fecal and ointment for her ears.

Since I don't plan to use that vet service as her regular vet I don't think it would be any use to buy the plan they tried to sell me for their company - and VPI seems like it would be accepted more places such as an emergency vet.

Now I just have to crunch some numbers and decide on the monthly or yearly payment option. Figures my rent just went up significantly and I have to really budget carefully.

Astrid is worth it though, her care and well being is a priority.
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My plan for the whole year cost less than your last vet visit. I did not however get the "routine care" coverage just because she's already spayed, and she won't be having any more shots except her rabies. So really all she needs is her yearlys and dentals.
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Veterinary insurance is a must, IMO, unless you could spend $2000-5000 on a vet bill at any given moment. You don't get insurance for the routine things (shots, spay/neuter, minor medical problems like ear infections and parasite infestations), but for the major things. The rationale for this is because you ought to be able to budget for routine checkups and minor medical problems. It's the major things that can really get you. But because the insurance only covers major things, the premiums are very affordable - usually $10-$20/month.

The time to get insurance is when your pet is young and healthy. By the time she's old and/or sick, it's too late to get insurance.
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