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my new kitten is a monster,hyper and biting

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Daisy is a beast,shes about 5-6 weeks old and is driving me and my other cats nuts...
First of all she bites and those little tiny teeth hurt,she loves to play fight
too often and biting is part of her playing - too much so.
She jumps up on the bed and tortures us with this all night long,last night she slept alone in the bathroom as punishment(so we could get some rest)
Saying "NO" doesnt seem to make sence to her obviously
She runs around like a madman,jumping all over the bed and or furniture,tearing up my shoes or anything that she can claw.
She runs up on the other cats we have as if she wants to force them to play too but usually gets wacked in the head by the older cats..
I will do a search on this as I am sure its a common problem,but irratating none the less.

I am at a loss but if she doesnt chill out shes is gonna have to start packin
She is adorable to look at,but dont let that fool ya
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I've shrank your picture so the other members on dial up can see Daisy better.

She's a baby, and that's what baby's do, and trust me we've all been there with the night time romps but they do grow out of them.

Have you tried to tire her out before you go to bed?. I used to do this with my two an hour before i went to bed, followed by a little wet food to help them sleep with a full tummy.

Me personally i couldn't leave them shut in a room all night on their own at such a young age. She's too young to have left her mum anyway so she still needs lots of affection and your the only ones to give it to her

As for her getting wacked off the other cats, that's normal. Rosie used to bop Sophie on the head when she wanted to play just to let her know who was alpha cat.

And i've yet to meet a cat who knows what the word "no" mean because their totally different to dogs.
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I have had success in stopping kittens from biting by blowing in their faces when they bite me. It can't hurt them, but it distracts them from the biting. As with anything in teaching a baby, you must be consistent. If my friends are visiting and get bitten, I have them do it, too, so kitty will learn that it is not acceptable to bite any human.
She is so young, and just being a baby. She will probably grow up to be the well mannered kitty you want her to be. I know I have considered kittycide with a few of mine, but as they grow, they are mostly well behaved.
Daisy is sooooo adorable, are you sure she is really a little brat? Good luck with her, kittenhood can be almost as tiring as having a 2 year old human child.
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"my new kitten is a monster, hyper and biting"

You said that she was a kitten, all the rest logically follows!

Try to be patient, people give up on pets far to easily, and she will out grow this phase. Don't worry about the head bopping, either, the cats are just telling her off for being annoying, as older siblings are prone to do.
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Originally Posted by krazy kat2
Good luck with her, kittenhood can be almost as tiring as having a 2 year old human child.

Oh my goodness,that is sooooooooooooo true!!!!!
Plus, just like you said, consitency is the key with all living things, lol
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I can relate, I have two nine week old kittens and they are a handful but a lot of fun at the same time! My legs, arms, back are all the silent reminders of what can happen when kitty decides she wants to use those super sharp claws uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuo' speaking of kitty that was Oreo walking across the keyboard that did that Anyway yeah hang in there ours are finally starting to calm down now and hopeful yours will too
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That is why we named Buzz, Buzz Saw when we got him. Your kitty will settle down in time so enjoy it while you can.
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This sounds like my 10 week old, whom my girlfriend nicknamed "Little Monster" wthin a day of my adopting her. She goes absolutely nuts from time to time but she always calms down eventually. I stop worrying when she chills out and starts purring, looking for me to pet her and pick her up. So you have my sympathy, but don't pack her bags yet! She just has some growing up to do.
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I think I need to rub my hands in Tabasco
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Try keeping an appropriate chew toy nearby for when she starts biting your hands. When she tries, push the toy in her way instead, and when she starts attacking that, praise her. You're basically trying to say "Hands bad, toy good". Best of luck with her, she will grow out of it, don't worry!
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Don't give up! Blowing in her face when she bites really works. I was ready to let Phenom find another home when she had her night time crazies but she grew out of them and now she is an angel most times.
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I'll take her! She's WAY too cute! Be patient, she'll calm down.
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My little Cosmo is the same way. My mom tells me that we deff named him right cause he's crazy like Kosmo Kramer lol. He thinks he can fly to but anyways he's constintly attacking poor Zoe who's 1 and a half. But he's pretty good at night. He just lays in bed with us all night occasionally getting up to bug Zoe. Anyways we usually try not to let him sleep an hour or two before we go to bed and a half hour before I play with him to try and tire him out. She'll get better as she gets older you just have to be patient.
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But watch how close you get when you blow on her- Gretta would take that as an opportunity to attack the offending part (and thankfully, she has about grown out of it, and has decided faces are for sappy headbutting and rubbing instead ! (when a kitten grabs you by the lip with their teeth, OWWWWW!)

Gretta has learned "no no!" though, I flick water on her when she's on the counter looking our dinner over, etc. and flicked water isn't as prone to get in their ears. Now I tell her "no no" and if she doesn't get down, I put my fingers in the water flicking position, and off she goes! And there is always water in the kitchen! A good training place. I also growl at her like a cat (especially when she was that age) and she gets the point. I only have to do it now when she is REALLY going nuts and chewing my socks- with my feet still in them ! Thankfully, that is calming down now too, at 4 months ! And she is constantly chasing/trying to chase/getting smacked by the other grown cats. Sounds like you have a typical kitten!
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