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Waving hi! from NZ

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Hello. I am the benevolent guardian of 3 cats, 2 dogs, 2 guinea pigs and 1 human girlchild. The human girlchild, who I did actually give birth to, is 13 and is largely responsible for the fact we do have the companion animal menagerie we care for.

Although I've found great cat info all over the 'net about topics such as feeding, vaccinating (or not) how to introduce dogs to cats and how to introduce another cat to cats, I'd not found a cat forum I really loved. I do have gp and dog forums I like and respect and a local general pet one, but only stumbled on this huge and wonderful CatSite a couple of days ago when searching for info on Hills s/d, seeing as two days ago we had to take one of our 2.5 yr old cat boys to the vet, having noticed blood in his urine. That's a topic for health and nutrition, of course, so will now just describe some of the furbabies.

Cats are; Elrond the elvish, who is 2.5, male, caramel and white and is the ill boy; Chutney, very nearly named Samwise but whose particular shade of ginger tabby and white reminded us of Mango Chutney, 2.5, male; and Chickpea, tabby male, 1 yr who came with the house we moved into last year.

Our kitties are all indoor only cats, which has not been that common in New Zealand outside of breeders of exotics, so we're unusual in making that choice for our three in our provincial town.

Although I've just had a very reassuring conversation with one of the vet nurses at our local clinic about how repulsive the s/d food seems to be so far to the boy who needs it, you may yet see me in health and nutrition, where btw, I've read lots of the very helpful threads about flutd and related issues.
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Welcome to the site! I hope you have finally found the forum that is the right fit for you I am sorry about Elrond . I hope he is on the mend.
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Hello and welcome to TCS!
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welcome to tcs i love it here!!! And the people here are awesome!!!! my lil brother and his nana go to new zealand every summer, just thought I would say that
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Thanks, all. While there's clearly a concentration of very knowledgeable, widely experienced people posting here, it's that warm and friendly factor that makes it such a great site, I think.

Elrond does appear to be on the mend, captiva; thanks for asking. He's fighting me more vigorously when I'm giving him the supposedly palatable ab's, so that's good, in a roundabout way! Time will tell, of course. Hopefully this is a one-off occurence and things wont come to catheterisation and flushing or the real serious op.

I do love seeing all the furbaby banners many of you run in your posts, and have asked my daughter to make one for me... I'm a bit technically challenged, myself. The tabby, 2nd from right in your sig, kitytize, looks a lot like our very first family cat...

kittyprincess, I can't say that I know anyone who travels to the US every summer, but I'll keep a look out for your nana and bro', shall I? Seeing as there are so few people down here, among the sheep (and hobbits and such), it shouldn't be too hard for me to spot a couple of visiting Americans!
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Kia Ora Relish and welcome to TCS!!! You'll definitely enjoy it here. There are a few fellow kiwis lurking about here, so watch out for them!

Glad to hear Elrond the elvish is on the mend.
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Ka pai! Ka kite ano, pushywahine...

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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!

See you on the forums!
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Originally Posted by Relish
Ka pai! Ka kite ano, pushywahine...

"pushywahine" That's so funny!
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Welcome to TCS Relish
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Not certain if that's funny..but anyway welcome to TCS! I'm from Wellington.
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Hi, everbody!

Did I offend you WellingtonCats? If so, I apologise. I am not anything like a proficient communicator in Maori, and did hesitate... Maybe I should have listened harder to that hesitation. I am sorry.

It was rude of me also, to use a language many would not understand. So, to translate, wahine means woman; ka pai means good or great in a that's good, fine and cool kind of way, as I used it above, and ka kite ano means see you or seeya 'round!

I am enjoying the boards... loads of great reading material, that's for sure. Am not posting much as I don't feel anything like experienced and knowledgeable enough for many threads, and Elrond seems to be coming along so that I haven't any questions about that at the moment...
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