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preping for birth

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SO now i think Icis is about 2 weeks off having the kittens, due to jsut feeling them for the first time last week, and her last heat was a few days before the 1st of may.

My Question is, how do i get her to accept the box i have for her to have the kittens in? she will get in it and sniff it, and i give her treats when she does get in it, but she dosent seem to like to stay in it. im just worried she will find some weird palce in the house to have them, and i wont be able to find them
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Liza---- from what I read on here MOST cats pay no attention to any of the nests until they are either SUPER close to delivery if not until they are in labor. and sounds like she is due the beg. of next week....... Angel got out April 25th and 65 days is tomorrow. She came home May 1st so 65 days from that is next Tue....... so bet she is due sometime next week!!!!!!!!!!

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