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homes in san fransisco

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Is it true that most landlords don't let pets in San Fransisco??

'Cause there is this person from Turkey, who says that she is moving to San Fransisco & looking for someone to adopt her cat. She is planning to leave his/her cat behind (if she can't find someone to adop the cat in 5 days, she will leave the cat to the streets) and she says that it is because MOST landlords in SF won't let pets, which I find it hard to believe (there are people in San Fransisco who have pets, don't they??) I mean, there are places where pets are not allowed; yet there are also places where they are allowed. Isn't this fact valid for SF?
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I don't know for sure about San Francisco, but I know that it can be difficult to find a place that accepts pets. I searched for months to find a place in Denver that took 2 cats, and some of those wanted up to $800 for a cat deposit.

It takes some looking, but I would think she should be able to find something.
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Here's some links on finding apartments that allow pets in SF.

sfrent SFSPCA

Marin Humane Society; call 415-883-4621 for a housing packet
Peninsula Humane Society; call 650-340-7022, ext. 344 for a housing packet
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Thanks very much for the links.

I hope they can save one pet's live.
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