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Pics of My Kitty! (Bengal)

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This is my kitty she doe not have a name yet! She is TICA registered.
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How cute!! She reminds me of one of my little boys!! I can't wait to hear what you name her. Good luck with your new baby!
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Maybe someone can help with the name. We have no idea what to name her. I would like to give her a different kind of name. But what is the question.
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Well, I have a 2year old brown marble bengal boy named Loki. I changed his name several times until this one finally stuck. It fits his personality so well. Loki is the Norse God of mischief (hehehehe). It's ok to wait - get to know her personality and I am sure it will fall into place.

Congradulations on the new furbaby, she is just so precious, give her plenty of XOOXOXOXOXOXO.
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Here's a good link to a pet name finder. It may help with some ideas.Pet names
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I like the idea of naming after gods/goddess. If I ever got a new boy and girl I would name them Ares and Aphrodite
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What a cutie pie! I think if I ever got a Bengal I would want something kind of exotic, like the breed. I'm not real good at the name took us over a week to come up with Trent!
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How about a name that means brown, or striped or any other word in a language that is part of your heritage? When I was looking to name Ivo, I looked up "black" and "strong" in an Irish dictionary. However, she eventually got her name from a poster in my neighbor's apartment.
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We have a little girl that as a baby looked like a BAD Picasso painting. She was black, with orange, yellow, brown, and tan dots. She was soooo ugly, that she was cute! Anyway... We named her Picasso... Get to know how she is, or what she looks like! That's the way I've named all my babies! Good luck!
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well as my daughter in from West Bengalen (India) , she suggests to give your kitty her own name . She is named after a Hindu god :
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Sydney : What does Indra stand for?
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I have a marbled Bengal named Majesty. Royal names for bengals are cute
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I have not come up with a name yet. We like Indra but are still not sure. Thank you Sydney the kid for the name i might use it. I will let you know.
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That is such a cute little kitty.

I like the name Malika or Maliki. But i also like those funky names for cats that are very odd and you dont hear much of

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Wow! What a cute Kitten...She's beautiful!!
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She is a beauty!
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I just want to thank everyone for looking at my baby. I just love her so much. I hate to say she still does not have a name. I am going to give it some time. I know I will find one.

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I think cats tell you what they want to be called. One day you just wake up and you know.

She's very pretty and all that soft kitten fuzz!
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Here's a picture of our Bengal Majesty. She is a Brown Marbled Bengal.

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If looking for an Indian God connection, I used to have a cat called Kali, named after the goddess of destruction and chaos.

The kitten is lovely, but I'm also a bit shocked, as she looks just like my moggie rescue Ronnie (her Sunday name is Veronica). A neighbour said she looked like a Bengal, but I just dismissed it
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Vader, Majesty is so beautiful! I love the marble look. I want to get a marble someday.

Flimflam, I really like the names but it is so hard to pick. I want it to be the right one. I don't want to have to change it 4 times. I have done this before!

It is so hard to pick a name! I hope I find one soon.
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Thanks! Hope you come up with a name soon!
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She is one beautiful kitten! We have 3 benglas: a brown spotted female, male snow marble, and a male spotted snow. I'd like to have a brown marble or a blue bengal someday. You'll love having her in your home!
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Bengal, I know what you mean. Ronnie is my partner's cat and we spent weeks argueing over her name. First she was Siobhan, he didn't like that as it was too Irish (English swine!), then she was Bernadette, he didn't like the religious connection, and finally we stuck with Veronica (Ronnie) - I waited weeks before telling him about St Veronica and her sponge of vinegar.... I like the name and her colouring is like Kirsty Ally's hair in "Veronica's Closet".

My cat Alfredo DiMittone came to us with the rescue name of Sidney but he was known as Badger, cos he looked like a baby badger. I just knew he was an Alf as soon as we picked him and his mum from the centre.

Good luck with the name, and do let us know what you decide upon.

I'm so glad I don't have any children - how difficult is it to decide on a child's name!!!
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Hi I just wanted to show some more pictures of the nameless kitty. I want to show you her spots. The pictures are bad because I was trying to take the pics by myself. It is hard to get pictures when she wants to play. I did my best! She is going through the fuzzy stage right now. It starts when they are 6 weeks old and can continue to 16 weeks of age. I hope you enjoy the pictures.
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This it the best picture I can get.
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*Collective "AAAAAWWWWW!*

She is so adorable! I think you did pretty good taking the pics by yourself. Is her personality coming through? Any closer on a name for her?
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I picked a name lastnight! Her name is Taja.
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