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This is Kimba

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Here is our little baby!

If you look at the left eye you can see that it's not 100%.
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So sweet! How old is she?
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so cute! meow!
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Aaaww, Kimba, you're so precious!
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What a cutiepie!
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What a sweetie! I love the name Kimba - that was my favorite cartoon when I was a little girl!
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Oh my goodness, what a little sweetie!
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She is a little cutie!
what's up with her eye?
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Cute as a button
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I don't know what up with her eye. I got her just yesterday.

Thank you all. I think she's just beautiful!
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Congratulations....Kimba is adorable.
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Awe....she is absolutely adorable. Take lots of pictures. They grow up so fast!!
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what a cutie pie, makes me want another kitty, hope her little eye gets better. she is a doll
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She's a little sweetie The vet will soon sort her eye out once she's been for her first checkup
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