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My cat has a cancer lump *pray*

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Hey everyone. Just could use some prayers. My cat had a lump on her neck on the front under her mouth, looked like a zit or something and I had planned to take her to the vet when I took my kitten for shots, but the cats got to wrestling around and I'm guessing it got scratched because the lump started bleeding. so anyway I rush to the vet and they sent some tissue to pathology. today they call and said it is basal cell carcinoma a type of cancer and she recommends cutting the whole thing out. So I've been searching the net for what this basal cell stuff is all about and this is the kind of stuff i am finding:

A low-grade malignant proliferation of epidermal cells that recapitulates the basal cell layer of the normal epidermis or the adnexa. These neoplasms show no differentiation to any of the adnexal structures and may have epidermal contiguity which may be multifocal.

what the heck does that mean?! anyone heard of this or had a cat that had this?

Sorry i'm just stressin a little, still a little shocked. my cat is 12 but she looks and acts like a young cat. I hate the fact that she has to be knocked out and cut open. I know it is what must be done but geez. this sucks. if you can please pray for my cat, her name is weasel and if anyone has had a similar situation plz reply. thanks for listening.
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I can understand why you are very concerned about sweet Weasel.
I would suggest that, if you trust your vet...
do as she suggests,
otherwise, ask to be referred a specialist.

I am sure that other members will have more feedback for you,
but I would tend to this ASAP.

Weasel will be in my prayers.
Please keep us updated.
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My RB Juniper got a similar lump on the front of his neck around that age, which was at first thought to be a cyst, then proved malignant. Over the next four years it recurred several times, so she will need careful monitoring. Eventually it spread to his jaw, and there was nothing the vet could do. But I am sending good vibes that your Weasel may have lots of years in front of her.
FYI, Juniper always wore a flea collar ( I didn't know any better then) and I often wonder if that was what caused it.
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Weasel, I'm praying for you, beautiful little girl, and my girls and I send a big hug to your Mommy during this very stressful time.
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What a beautiful girl Weasel is!
Our Mickey had a carcinoma removed from his upper lip, and the vet did a beautiful job. Apparently it was found early enough it hadn't really spread.
My sister's Sheba also had a tumor removed from her lip; unfortunately, it had spread some. It's been removed twice & come back twice. I believe it's been several years now since Sheba's 2nd operation, and she's still around & doing pretty well. She's only able to eat canned food & her breath is extra stinky. She does drool some because of the growth on her lip. It's not an agressive form of cancer, just very inconvenient for her.
Hopefully, Weasel's tumor can be removed once & that will be the end of it.
Sending (((((healing vibes))))) your way for you & dear Weasel.
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Thank you guys for the prayers. I hate to hear about your kittys misfortunes as well. I pray it doesnt come back. gotta get through getting it gone first. again thanks.
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Sending prayers to you. I'm not familiar with the type of cancer your kitty has. I do know what you are going through though. A couple of years ago, we went through a bout of cancer with Much where they removed all of the muscle and flesh between her shoulder blades. So far, so good. She's 13 this year and still very active. Much and I hope your outcome is just as successful.
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What a pretty cat. I hope all goes well with Weasel and the surgery. Prayers coming your way.
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