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Twinkles brought me a dead bird today. She came to the front door to come indside and she was meowing weird. I wen't out to see why and she had a poor little birdie in her mouth! I guess she was bringing me a present All I could say was "thanks for the present Twinkles" lol!
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I know how you feel. One of my cats caught a small garden snake today, and left it on the front porch for me.
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How funny! Did Twinkles expect you to eat some?
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I don't know Probably!
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A dead bird? Ewwwww! My neighbor's cat came to their door with what they thought was a dead mouse in her mouth. They let the cat in and she set the mouse down. The mouse jumped up and ran off, and the cat was unable to catch it again! Ewwwwwww!
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Yep... yuckie is right!! I really really hate that! I had a cat once who would kill baby chipmunks and lay them on the back porch. I hated it, and since the bodies were still intact, I started burying them. That worked for a while, but then she dug them up!! BIG mistake on my part. I was hoping she'd get the point that that isn't a good gift!! lol
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