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Gary in spa session.

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Hi everyone.. I'm the Newbie here.. Dun really know which thread should i put this video..

Following is the video clip i took two days ago.
Gary Fussy Gus is in spa session.. grumpy and growling all the time .. enjoy..

I'm the one who holding camera. Another owner who cutting Gary's nail is Irisbaggins..(new forumer here too...)
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I'll say this gary is a pretty good cat, and so is that person holding and cutting I wouldn't want to hold mine
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Originally Posted by halfpint
I'll say this gary is a pretty good cat, and so is that person holding and cutting I wouldn't want to hold mine
Don't hold how to cut their nail?
Hahahaha.. The first time i heard that Gary is good cat.. She like to scold her lovely owner....(=.=)lll
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Gary, you're so beautiful! Poor little girl didn't want to go to the spa today! Just listen to her making such a fuss, you'd think you were doing something awful to her."I'll let you do this, but mind you, I don't like it one bit!" My favorite is her lick her lips growl. She's such a sweet little girl. Welcome to both of you!
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I havent got the speakers on my computer at work, but i can imagine the noises Gary was making

There is no way on Gods earth that either of my two would just lie still like that!

She's a gorgeous colour as well
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i played this video and Wonton came racing into the room and leapt up into my lap to try to find out where the growling kitty was coming from
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Fluffy keeps looking behind the speakers for the cat.
Gary is a lovely girl. I would get shredded if I tried that with any of mine. I have to clip a nail here and there when I can. It can take a couple of days to get a whole cat clipped.
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Aww, what an adorable video!! I just love how she's growling and fussing away, yet just lays there and takes it, lmao!
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Hahaha! That is such a great video!

That's a good kitty for not tearing that woman up. LOL Mine is pretty much the same way, but without the noise.
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I'm glad u guys like the video clip... Before u guys compliment.. I didnt know she's a sweet gal.. hehe.. She's our first cat.. The fussiest and She loves us the most...
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Welcome to TCS!!! Lol, Gary doesn't seem to be enjoying her day at the spa lol, but she did a very good job of sitting still. By the way, she is quite pretty! My kitty Velvet is quite a lady - lol she will run over to the bed whenever i get out the nail clippers and hold her paw out- she actually likes getting her nails done! lol if only my others were soo in love with their pedicures!
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I'm so amazed that she just laid there. Objecting of course. I have to have a good grip on mine and Lucy has knocked the clippers out of my hands several times.

Gary is a beautiful cat. Welcome to you both.
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I'm not brave enough to try that. I lull my two to sleep and then pounce with the clipper!! lol
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Hahaha....Hi lois..... I didnt know you put the clip in here....heheh.....I'm glad many liked the clip...hehehehe....its really nerve wrecking I must say....She snaps at me if she's really not in the mood. But really this girl is the most fussiest and grumpiest cat Lois and I ever had....
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A girl named Gary - I love it!
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That was crazy!!! The noises I thought were funny. but what was that tube of something that the cat got at the end???
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That was so funny! Silly cat! Howling and growlin...barely fighting back! My girls have taken to hiding their feet when they see the clippers comming!

Mooch came in the room and jumped in my lap so I played the video again, didn't phaze her a bit!
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