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Embarrassing parents

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How do/did your parents embarrass you?

Does your dad insist on break-dancing at every family wedding?

Does your mum show her caesarian scar to all your friends?

Or do you embarrass your children by telling everyone that they wet the bed until they were 14?
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Mom picked out all of my clothes. Knee-length skirts, straight-legged jeans - this was in the early '70s. I wanted miniskirts and bell-bottom hiphuggers. Fortunately, my grandmother was a neat lady - SHE bought me thse clothes. I, also, wanted granny glasses but Mom made me get these awful, octagonal tortoiseshell frames. I don't have too many pictures, from that time but, in most of them: NO GLASSES!
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i was always pretty tight with my folks. my dad worked the nite shift when i was in junior high, so he would come and pick me up from school. he liked to tell my unsuspecting friends that he got fired from his job, only to see their horrifed reactions...let's just say it only worked a handful of times. he would just laugh and laugh.
my mom would take me to the cosmetic counters everytime we entered the mall just to have the saleladies look at my complexion and offer their suggestion as to how to treat my pubescent pimples. i guess she figured it wasn't dermatologist worthy--after all, i looked almost like everyone else my age. but still, it was horribly embarrassing and afterwards i was always chided for being too sensitive.
i do believe i have adjusted fairly well though. i consider myself very fortunate to have such good folks as them!
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Some of my friends didn't realize my dad was a cop, and when they saw him at home and in his uniform for the first time they would start looking kind of greenish and sick.

I got to embarrass my own son when I bought jeans for him. They were never the right brand or the right shade of blue.
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My dad is a character with a capital C. He loved going to the grocery store. He would skip down the isles, talk to every little kid around (when it was still OK to do this), generally cause a commotion.

One time my sister was being a Live Mannequin at the Mall, modeling prom dresses. My dad was bound and determined to make her move. He skipped, he got in her face, he did ballet turns in front of her. Finally she couldn't hold it in any longer and busted up. Of course, the girls she was modeling with had lost it long before she did. :tounge2:
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I can't really think of a time when my parents embarrassed me. What I do remember though, is sometimes when I go with my mom somewhere, whether it be a store, out to eat or to a family get together, and she always cat calls at people really loud. (just for the fun of it) It is SO embarrasing! Alot of times my sister is with me and we tell her to be quiet and that we don't know who she is.
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Luckily, the majority of my parental embarassment came at only one time of the year - Christmas! My dad used to (and still does) wear a Santa cap everywhere he went for most of the month of December, and has carols playing on his outdoor speakers at all waking hours, and overnight of Christmas eve. He would always pick up the bargain bin Christmas albums put out by whatever band was hot a few years ago... last year he got New Kids on the Block and Rita MacNeil (a little Canadian joke, there).

My dad is also a serious amateur photographer, so every time I turned around, he was taking a picture of some minor event in our lives - every dance, every party, every date (I didn't date much, so it was an occasion , Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas we had to pose, lined up tallest to shortest. It is quite amusing now that my brother and I are grownups, you can't tell one "event" from another by the pictures, unless Mom and I can remember when we bought a certain dress.
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