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Please keep my baby Simon in your thoughts.

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Hey everyone. This is my first time posting her but I have lurked for a short time. My poor baby Simon is at the vets office spending the night. He had stones and was completely blocked. Hopefully he can come home tomorrow. I called earlier.. several times.. and they said he was unblocked and doing well.
I know these people hate to see my animal sick.. I ring the phone off the hook while they are there.

Please keeps in your thoughts and prayers. He is a special little cat. He has had a rough life. HE has been in two abusive homes. I saved him from the last one when this lady asked me to keep him while she moved and I never gave him back.
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First off, Hello and welcome!!

Healing vibes are sent your way for Simon to feel better soon!
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I am soo sorry to hear about poor Simon. I will definitly be sending good vibes your way as I too have my 6 wk. old kitten Squeeker in the hospital overnight-he has been having seizures and it is not looking good. I am hoping for the both of us that tomorrow is a better day and we will be able to bring them home, safely and healthy! Take care poor llittle Simon, I wish you the very best!
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Oh poor Simon! He is in my prayers!
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Simon will definitely be in my prayers tonight, as will you. Please keep us posted.
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Sending get well vibes Simon's way. Please keep us updated with how he does.
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Healing vibes to your Simon and to kittycorner's Squeeker, too
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Sending many Health and Healing }}}VIBES{{{ Simon's way and many to you!

I hope that he'll be home with you today and on a speedy road to full recovery!
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Thank you to everyone. I called this morning. The vet on duty asked me to call back this afternnon. He wants to make sure he is unstopped. I am hoping he gets to come home tonight.

OH poor squeeker..... I will say a big prayer for him also...
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Prayers and {{{{{Healing Vibes}}}}} to Simon.
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Lenny and I are sending good, healing Vibes your way.
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Thanks for all the positive vibes and prayers. Simon came home about an hour ago. The doctor said to watch him for the next two days. He sent him home with a round of antibiotics. He told me if I thought he was not ok to bring him back anytime and they would check his bladder. He keeps running to the litter pan but I am thinking his "area" might be hurting from the catheter (spelling??) . Thanks so much everyone.
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