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I'm Married!!!! (Lots of Pictures)

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I had my wedding on Saturday and it was lovely despite some problems that occurred. The major thing was that my mom had to leave very shortly after eating to go to the emergency room. The doctor wanted her to go immediately but she insisted on making it to my wedding. She had a serious infection in her leg and they were worried about blood clots. Then my friend seriously choked on a mint but was eventually able to get it down without assistance (I found out about that after the event).

But the actual event was beautiful and everything I dreamed of! We were nice with the cake. The kid I babysat since he was 2 (now 16) caught the garter! That was a little wierd becuase he is like my brother . His mother and my bridesmaid both caught the bouquet at the same time but my bridesmaid won out. We came in on a horse and carriage drawn by a 2400 pound white percheron and they were fabulous! It worked out so perfectly. They even gave the children a ride around the block later. The food was fabulous, especially the seafood crepes!

Here are some pictures:

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Lovely dress and well the entire wedding looks lovely!
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Beautiful pictures! I like your bridesmaids' dresses, with the different colors.

Congratulations on your wedding!
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Everything looks beautiful!

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Thanks everyone! I forgot to mention my flower girl (9) requested redneck woman from the DJ and she went out on the floor and went to town! The crowd loved her.
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Oh there Beautiful pictures and so were you, Hoping that your life is as wondeful as it looks to be from June 17, 2006 Forever, Congratulations to you and your new hubby
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Oh you had an absolutely gorgeous wedding! Best wishes hon!!!!!!!!!
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What a beautiful wedding!!! Congrats!!
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Here's a picture of the groomsman with Chris' mom on the right and dad on the left.
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Congrats! I love your dress!
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Very beautiful! Looks like a fairytale wedding And your bridesmaid dresses, look awesome, with all the different colors. Many congrats to you both~

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It looks as if it was a beautiful event! I love your cake!! So simple yet very elegant!!
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Congratulations!!!! What beautiful pictures. I really like the way you were able to blend both of your cultures into the attire. It looks like you had a gorgeous day!
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Best wishes for a wonderful life together!
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Those a really good pics...Congrats!!
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Looks like a wonderful, romantic wedding. Congratulations!
You look beautiful, and I love your husband's outfit. That must've been so romantic arriving in the horse drawn carrige.
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You looked great as did the rest of the wedding party... Congratulations and Good luck
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What beautiful photos!! Congratulations!!
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Originally Posted by okeefecl
Beautiful pictures! I like your bridesmaids' dresses, with the different colors.

Congratulations on your wedding!
Indeed!!! I feel the same!!!
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I wish you all the happiness!

Beautiful bridesmaids and wedding
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Congratulations!!! *confetti* *confetti* *confetti*

The bridesmaids at my sister's wedding also wore different colors of the same dress (waaaaay back in 1967 when I was 10 and the junior bridemaid).
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You two are a beautiful couple!!! Everything looks sooo magical. You looked absolutely stunning in your wedding dress and everyone else looked very sharp too.

I hope you guys have a wonderful and charmed life together.

Are you guys going on a honeymoon????
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Gorgeous dress! Very beautiful wedding.

Love it ALL!!!!

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Congratulations my Friend!
so many claps and lots of good Wishes to you and Hubby!
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It looks like you had a wonderful day - congratulations!
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Gorgeous pics!! Congrats!!
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Gorgeous pictures! Your dress is very beautiful! It looks so delicate and elegant!
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Congratuations!!, I hope you have such a wonderful life together!! Those pictures are great!, you made such a beautiful bride
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