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Tennis elbow

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Has anyone been treated for this???
Mine is an overuse injury due to lots of digging!!
Its really painful and it was bad last night as I actually worked in my own garden for several hours off and on yesterday.
I went on webmd and there were some pretty good exercises that I will have to start doing but as for resting it will thats pretty much out of the picture for now!!
This isn't a good injury fo rme to have right now.
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Poor you, when my husband had tennis ellbow he said ice packs helped.
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I've had off & on problems with elbow from an injury -heat then ice -also, wearing an elbow support band helps when using elbow-can find them in any drug store-I actually took an arm support band & doubled it over ,sewed together to make it a stronger band than the elbow-then embroidered flowers on to make them pretty-dr. loved it -wanted me to make them for other patients-
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I have never had it thank god, but I just wanted to say I hope you feel better soon
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I don't know if this works for tennis elbow,but I have a rotators cuff injury, and a hot shower really helps it... I just let the hot water beat the shoulder for a few minutes, and it really does help. Only temperary relief.. but any relief is heaven.

Hope you feel better.
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I have had tennis elbow several times in the past, from playing tennis too much. What the doctors have told me, is rest is really the key. Advil or Aleve should help with it too. If you can't give it rest, which it seems. Try Advil and Aleve to see if that helps, it should.

Hope you feel better soon!
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How's it feeling? I slept on my elbow last night and that hurt like heck!
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