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I dreaded looking at this thread too. Poor little Squeeker, his condition keeps going up and down so much. Like I said earlier, I'm sending thoughts and prayers that his condition will become stable.
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For all those who are scared to check this-as I would be to, (what a frickin emotional rollercoaster)-Squeeker is doing great this morning. We have an appointment at 9 AM to check his bloodwork and make sure his white blood cell count is coming down and an overall exam. He has been playing the last 2 days like I have never seen him play before! Amazing what a second chance at life will do to you! I also was doing some reading on the internet about Phenobarbital, and one of the side effects in children is hyperexcitablilty, I am thinking it is the same in kittens, since he has been literally bouncing off the walls since we brought him home. In children I can see where it would get annoying but in a 1 pound kitten it is adorable! Thanks to all who helped us out with your prayers, and I will let you know what the vet says today.
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I hope he continues to improve and htat the vet doesn't find anything bad. He is a little wonder!
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I only just saw this - and you and yours are in my prayers!
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Wow what a fighter!! My prayers are with you guys!
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I'll be watching for your update tomorrow.
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Ok so we are back from the vet-We were not able to get any blood from him since 1: he is soo little and 2: he has a HUGE temper and got soo mad he would not sit still, even when completly wrapped up and unable to move he still refused to give a sample. So, we are going to keep going as we have with the anti-biotic and Phenobarbital. And as if he doesn't have enough wrong already-we found ear mites today! After his big struggle today, he has spent most of the day sleeping and has been out a few times to play. I am keeping my fingers crossed that all continues to go well and he may eventually be able to be weaned off the Phenobarbital. In the meantime we just enjoy what time we may have with him-he is such a small bundle of wonderment!
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He is obviously such a flighter and has the best care possible - every time I come here I hold my breath and pray for his ongoing recovery!!!
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