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I am praying for squeeker. I know it helps. I hat a cat injured once and there was nothing more that we could do but pray. I felt so helpless but I just prayed because that was my baby and he got 100% better full recovery of his fur and all so I will pray for your cat. I feel for you and I am praying that everything will be alright.
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Oh it is so hard when you are just willing them to live. I do hope he makes it and gains the strength to fight the problem. Good luck.
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Thanks to everyone for their prayers and support-I just got off the phone with the vet and there is some good news! Squeeker has not had anymore seizures and no more facial twitching (small seizure like brain activity) and is now actually playing and eating like a kitten should. I am planning on bringing him home sometime today and will still try to get in touch with the neurologist. It is looking better and better for the little guy. As soon as he is home and well, we will try and post some pictures- after all this prayer and good thoughts, I think you should atleast see what it is going towards! He is a cutie! Thanks again to everyone and I will keep you updated on his progress!
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Yeah!!!! go Squeeker go......... That is great news!!

I can't wait to see the photos.....
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Sweet little guy! I am so glad that things are looking better and that he has a chance of a good life after all he has been through.
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What a gorgeous little man! Kitten's eyes always get to me, they just look at you with so much trust.
Praying that the seizures totally stop & he gets better & better.
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Oh my goodness...
that first picture.
Squeeker, you have completely won my heart sweetie pie.
More prayers coming your way little darling.
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Originally Posted by kittycorner
As some of you know Squeeker is a 6 wk. old kitten my husband rescued from a house fire. He has had burned paws, a thermal burn to his right eye and his tail crushed in the fire. He had been doing much better after everyones good thoughts last time, but today he has taken a dramatic turn for the worse. This morning he started having grand mal seizures. I took him to the emergency room and they ran bloodwork, but nothing obviouse showed why. We just took him back after having a very bad seizure. They are now keeping him overnight for observation and the hopes that he has no more seizures. He is soo little and frail that I am worried that he may not get past this. So please, please, please send as many good vibes and prayers for the poor little guy as possible, he needs all the help he can get!

Squeeker, his Mom and Dad!
All the best for little sqeeker, he will make it ! Cats are fighters. I am with all my heart with you !
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Awww what a gorgeous little bundle of fluff he is. I hope he makes a full recovery!
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He's so adorable! I really hope the seizures stop, and he makes a full recovery. What a little heartbreaker.
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I just now saw this thread. My goodness, you're going through a lot with Squeeker! I'm glad there's been some progress, and I hope Squeeker's condition stabilizes.(sp?)

Snowball sends special purrs and I'm sending lots of healing throughts and prayers. Hang in there Squeeker!!!!!!
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Oh my gosh I jsut wanna pick him up and hug him.
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I am sad to report that Squeeker's condition had dramatically worsened today. I took him back to the vet and we are keeping him there overnight for observation, but unfortunatly I think we are getting close to the end of poor little Squeeker's life. He has not eaten all day, is very lethargic and shows no interest in being a kitten at all. I am very upset as this is not only my first BIG decision but also my first loss. I am dreading making that decsion tomorrow so I am hoping for the best and that we may just need to hold out hope a little longer and he will be okay, but my gut tells me that it is time to let poor Squeeker end his misery. Please keep him in your thoughts tonight as this may be his last.
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It's easy to see why he is so loved. He's a stunningly handsome little fellow. My prayers are with you all and of course for Squeekers. Thanks for posting the wonderful pictures. Looks like Uno is taking good care of him too.
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I'm sad to read this, but if he is suffering, then IMO it's best to let him go to a pain-free place. Just remember all the love and caring you have brought into his life.

My thoughts and prayers go to you and your family and of course squeekers.
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You and Squeeker are in my prayers.
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Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry about Squeeker, and I know what a hard decision you're facing. My prayers go out to both of you. If that terrible choice comes, please remember that you did your best for the little guy. A lot of people wouldn't have done all you have for him, and I'm sure he knows how much you care.
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I am very sorry about Squeeker. You and Squeeker are in my prayers.
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I am keeping squeaker in my prayers!!!!!!!!!! I read your first post of when you got him so I am also very saddened by what you are going through.
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Oh no!!!!!! I was really hoping Squeeker would be able to get through this. My thoughts and prayers are totally with you and Squeeker, and I'm so very sorry he's suffering!
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Squeeker should change his name to Stinker. We just got back from the vet and he is home and running through the house like a normal 7 week old kitten should be, he is terrorizing and killing everything in sight. I am not sure who or what managed to make this happen but apparantly his 9 lives are not used up yet. I am soo glad we did not make that decision last night. I am not thinking he is free and clear yet but maybe his angel finally woke up and decided to get to work. Thanks to all of you who have been there for us all and been supportive in this tough time. I really appreciate it and am glad to have had this website to help us through. Thanks!!!
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That is amazing. hope he continues to do well.
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You've certainly been on an emotional rollercoaster, haven't you? We're all keeping Squeeker in our thoughts, and hoping for the best.
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YAAAAAAAAAAA SQUEEKER!!!! Keep getting better sweetie!
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I think that Squeeker is the perfect name for this little one.
He just squeeked by the big one.
Did his vet say why he had such a fast turn around?

I pray that he continues to improve.
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[Did his vet say why he had such a fast turn around?

I am really not sure what happened. I gave him a steroid injection at work yesterday as a last resort. I am not sure if that is what the miracle was or the fact that I cried my eyes out last night and prayed for a miracle. I am thinking now that it could be the meningitis that we were thinking and we have also upped his Phenobarbital dose to help control the seizures. Whatever it is, or was, I am extremely thankful and appreciative, now I am just concerned about anesthatizing him for his castration and tail amputation. In time this will all happen and I am hoping that he grows up to be the biggest strongest cat that we own.
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This is why cat Meowmies get gray hair! Squeeker is definitely a fighter; hope he continues to improve.
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Oh, that is a relief! I was dreading going into this thread this morning, hoping he was still with us. May he continue to recover.
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