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Tahlee's in hospital on her 5th night with me :(

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Hi guys, as some of you may have read......quick recap......Wednesday last week I adopted a cat from a local shelter. 2 yr old previously desexed female. Brought her home. She ate really well that night, so I locked her up in the spare room (she had all she needed, food, water, basket, some toys etc).....

Went to give her brekkie on Thursday morning and sit with her.......I noticed in her litter tray that she'd had the runs and then she wouldn't eat. I called the vet and they suggested just let her settle in, it was prolly just stress. To run forward, Saturday morning I ended up taking her to the vet, as she still didn't want to eat and still had the runs, but seemed happy enough in herself.

The vet checked her over and said other than the tummy upset, she was in perfect health. Gave me some pro-biotics to mix in with her food and sent us home. He told me to feed her on boiled rice and chicken. I gave her some last night and she got stuck into the chicken like she hadn't been fed in a month, poor darlin'.

So I made sure she was comfortable after dinner last night and left her to rest.

I went in this morning with some breakfast for her and noticed she still had the runs and she'd vommited up the chicken from last night.

So I took her back to the vet tonight and they've kept her in to put her on a drip and do some blood tests. The vet I saw tonight made a lot more sense (I spose the fact that he easily speaks english helps LOL) and told me he thinks it is most likely a parasite in her tummy that is upsetting it. He said the only way to really give her stomach a rest is to support her on a drip and do some blood tests........I'm so far up for $400AU. I told her when I left her with the vet that in 5 days, she's the most expensive cat I've ever owned....

I'm really worried about her.


I took her in at 7pm, I have just rang to see how she is doing and have been told that she was only put onto the IV an hour ago, so she sat there dehydrated and sick for 3 HOURS before they've actually done anything for her. She might aswell have been home and comfy in her basket for that!......... The guy that I just spoke to (who had me on hold for 40 mins mind you, and he had the phone sitting on the desk so I could hear everything he was doing (he was sitting there most of the time (coz I could hear when someone spoke to him and came to the counter).......told me it didn't matter, if it was urgent they would have done it right away, but she could wait 2, 3, or even 4 hours and it wouldn't make a difference in the end! OMG! My poor sick little girl! Sorry for the rant guys, but I have trusted this vet hospital for years...... I think I might need to look into some other emergency center for future care of my animals.......
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How horrible. Here are some prayers and positive vibes to help your little girl. I agree, it sounds like it is time to find a new vet.
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Any news - how is she???
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I have been told to call back and see how she is doing at midday. Apparently they only process progress reports twice a day. Geez, when your baby is an inpatient, you certainly see a different side to the vet, and to be honest, I think it's one I'd rather have not seen.

When I call in an hour, I'll update this thread.
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Ok, I called at midday and they told me that she was still very depressed and the only thing that had changed was her hydration (well duh! She's on a drip). So I went in to visit her.

She still has diarea (sp), but hasn't vomitted again since before I took her to the vet last night. She's been on a fluid drip since last night, so she's all hydrated again, and they've started her on a strong anti-biotic this morning. They have taken both blood and poo samples and sent them off to the lab. They are expecting the blood sample back today some time. She's still in the ICU unit at the moment, but they are expecting to move her to a normal ward this afternoon sometime.

When I got there, the nurse said she seems to be pretty happy in herself, she's still uncomfortable (she also has her whole front leg bandaged due to the drip being in it), but is being affectionate with them and that kind of thing. I opened the cage, and she imediately brightened up a bit (I can only imagine she thinks I've dumped her like her old owners did) and was rolling (as much as she could) for tummy rubs and the like. She even tried to stand up to come closer to me (which was a bit of a struggle due to the leg bandage).

They can't really tell me very much at the moment, as they don't know what it is thats causing the problem until the blood test results come back.

I also called the shelter I got her from, who informed me that since I hadn't taken her to them to be treated (which is a bit hard when they're not open at all on the weekend for vet care, and thats when she got really sick), the bills for her treatment were my responsibility.......which I can cope with if I have to, but wasn't impressed in the slightest with the way they spoke to me. I advised them that they might want to check all the other cats that were in her pen, so no one else ends up with the same problems.......they then had the nerve to ask me to call them back and tell them what she has once I know so "We don't have to do all the same expensive blood tests". I don't think so. I told them they need to have some kind of emergency contact, so if something does go wrong they can be contacted!

So for now, its just a matter of wait and see..........
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Ok, I have an update. I spoke to the vet earlier and he said his thoughts were (the blood tests weren't back yet) that it was either a severe case of Gastro or one of two stomach parasites, being Giardia or Coccidiosos.

I just called to check if the results were back yet, and the vet nurse ran through them with me. All her levels were pretty much normal, although her sodium was down a little (he said this can be caused by the diarea (sp) and vomitting. Her thyroid is down a little (normal level is between 5-20) she is sitting on 4, so they said thats not a big concern at the moment.

He said if it was either of the 2 parasites, that it would have shown somehow on her levels. So he said she's responding well to the anti-biotics and fluids, although she still hasn't eaten anything. He did say that is normal in a vet hospital, that most cats wont eat due to stress.

He said all in all, if she was his cat, he'd be quite happy with how she is doing, and he would expect that I'll be able to bring her home tomorrow evening!

I told him I'd be coming to see her tomorrow, and he suggested I wait till about 11am and call them, as the vet will be able to make a decision as to if she can come home or not.

So, all in all, it's looking like she is going to be ok! I am so pleased.

I will be taking things further with the shelter I got her from though, as I don't think some of their practices are up to scratch!

Thanks for the kind thoughts to those who posted.
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I'm glad to hear that Tahlee seems to be getting better. The whole situation sounds so frustrating. Please keep us posted on her progress.
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Oh, emma! I just saw this. I am praying for your angel. I hope that the next time you post, she is able to be home with you.
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Poor Tahlee! I do hope you get good news from the vet & that she can come home with you tomorrow.
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Healing vibes coming her way.
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Poor thing! She sounds like a sweetie considering how uncomfortable she's been. I hope gets better soon and she is in her "forever home".
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Don't you hate it when reception staff try to read too much into things? I just called to find out how she was doing. The same lady I spoke to yesterday, who told me she was really depressed.........just basically gave me the reverse of the report from the vet nurse last night. I'm now waiting on the vet calling me back, but apparently the runs started again......... Will update as soon as the vet himself calls me back.
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Well, we still need the good thoughts and vibes.

I've just been to see her. They are still waiting on the fecal sample results coming back, and the Vet NOW thinks that it is Coccidiosos. I asked him what is taking so long with the test results, as I can't afford her to be in there night after night if they're gunna take their time (I'm on unemployment at the moment, and am VERY lucky I have such a great friend and housemate who helps out a lot). So he got all huffy with me and told me I could bring her home if I want, but she then wont be able to have the drip, and she still doesn't wanna eat or drink anything and still has the runs etc etc etc......all stuff to basically tell me I don't have a choice.

So I told him, I wouldn't be so silly as to bring her home before she is well, and before we know what the problem is.......but I really need for them to hurry up and get the results back. My housemate was standing behind me while I was spending some time with Tahlee, and he said every conversation I've had with the staff in there has been recorded.

I realise that she's not the only animal in there, but I really feel as if the staff don't really care. So, again we wait for the test results that should be back late this afternoon......apparently if they're not, he's going to call the lab and chase them up.

I just want them to hurry up and figure out whats wrong, so we can get her treated and bring her home. Am I being unreasonable???
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No, you're not being unreasonable! Don't let the vet make you think you are.
You just want to know what's wrong with your baby. Hope the results come back soon & the proper treatment can begin.
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She is your baby and her only advocate.
Don't let the vet make you feel like a pest.

Go for it Mama!
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Ok, for an update.

Went in and saw her again today. Sat with her for about 40 mins. This vet nurse actually let me take her out of the cage and hold her in my lap. I'm trying desperately to keep her spirits up and to let her know that I haven't dumped her off like her old owners did.

They have finally gotten some of the fecal test results back. But we are still waiting on some, and still no more the wise as to whats going on. We do know that she doesn't have Giardia though. She is trying to eat small amounts, but still gets diarrea when she does. I don't know whats wrong with my poor little chicky, hopefully when the rest of the results come back tomorrow we'll know more.....
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Poor Tahlee

that something comes back in the lab tests that you can use.
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I am sending positive vibes that today,
the cause of Tahlee's illness will be discovered and cured.
Calming thoughts for you.
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I've just seen this!

I hope that you are abe to get the results of the tests very soon and Tahlee is able to come home soon!

Sending many health and healing }}}VIBES{{{ Tahlee's way and to you!
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Hi guys.....

I'm trying not to get too happy about this just in case, but it looks like she may be starting to get over whatever she has (we still don't know what it is). There was no diarrea in the litter last night or today and she's started eating again . They have turned the drip off today, to see how she goes. They're still waiting on the last of the fecal results, so thats not much help. The vet is keeping her in again tonight, but not charging me for it, so thats a huge help financially. There is a specialist in the hospital once a week and that'll be tomorrow, so the vet that is looking after Tahlee is going to have a chat with him tomorrow and see what he thinks. Thanks for all the positive vibes guys, keep 'em coming, we may need them for a little longer.
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Come on Tahlee. Keep improving.

P.S. - does her name have any special meaning? I haven't heard it before.
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Tahlee, you're doing so well, sweet little one! Keep strong and get better quickly!
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Originally Posted by katachtig
Come on Tahlee. Keep improving.

P.S. - does her name have any special meaning? I haven't heard it before.
Hi, nope, there is no special meaning behind it. I was sitting with her talking to her on the first or second day that I brought her home and 'Tahlee Tiger' just came out LOL. So go for my overactive imagination LOL......
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Tahlee is a beautiful name that came from love.
Your sweet baby remains in my prayers.
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Hopefully the specialist will take one look at Tahlee's test results and say, "why you silly people, this is what's wrong with her..." Good news on the "poopies".
Loads of (((healing vibes))) going out to your little lady.
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Thanks so much everyone.......I'm just calling the vet again, so will update shortly.....
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Hi again all. Have just spoken to the vet hospital and they've told me that Tahlee can come home!

She will be on Anti-biotics for 5 days, and no doubt still need rest and a special diet of something! But the best thing is she can be here and I can look after her. I'm keeping my fingers really crossed that she will have a full recovery!

Thanks so much for all your support and loving wishes guys. It means a lot!
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Tahlee's coming home
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That is wonderful news.
I'll keep Tahlee in my thoughts & watch for your progress updates.
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I am so sorry for what you and Tahlee have gone through. Thank goodness she wasn't with your other kits to expose them! I'm glad she is improving. Although it doesn't sound like the vet ever gave you a clear diagnosis, you should call the shelter back again.

Even though the person answering the phones was rude, for the sake of the other kitties, you should give them as much info as you can, in case any of their kitties are sick.

I sure hope Tahlee keeps improving. Poor little girl, she has been through a lot!
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