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Vibes needed badly

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Mitty disappeared today. :-(

I let her out on the back porch, like we do about every day. She never strays too far - 10, 15 feet away from the house, and only stays out for ten minutes or so, because she's so afraid of what's out there.

At nightfall, she asked to go out. I checked back a half hour later. Gone. I've been searching the neighborhood for the last few hours with flashlight.

What worries me is that it's a hot summer friday night, and the teens get in gangs and do stupid things. That is my worst fear.

She's 15 1/2 and not in the best of health, and has been depressed since my better half is away on business this week.

Need prayers and vibes badly for Mitty. Thanks!
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{{{{{{Sending find her soon vibes!!!}}}}}
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almost 1am, still searching for her.
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She's back.

Just "appeared," on the back porch by the door a couple minutes ago. And with that, "what's up with you, anyway?" look in her eyes. Like nothing happened.

Her sister Madge (RIP) used to do this too, about once each year. On a warm summer night, just off and disappear. Usually all night long. I think they plan these trips, and then just decide to act on it on a moment's notice. Like the 7-year old kid that says he's running away from home, without any real plan on how to stay run away for very long.

I hope she got it out of her system, because she's grounded for a month.

At least I don't have to explain to the wife later today that I got the cat lost forever.


So I guess the vibes did help. Never underestimate the collective power of TCS.
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Thats excellent news, i am very pleased for you.

Cats they do like to keep you on your toes
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I'm glad she's back home safe and sound.
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So glad she's back! Don't scare your daddy Mitty!!!
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That is great she decided to come home!! She just needed a night out, by herself!!
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Whew! What a relief! I am glad she came home unharmed.
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I'm glad she's back!
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Thanks all, for your generous support and concern!

Mitty seems to be happier, stronger and fully reenergized today from her brief sabbbatical last night. But I lost some sleep and was emotionally wrecked from the experience, and worked an 8-hour day kind of drained because of it. But Mitty's OK, and that's the important thing.

And when Diana arrived back today, both cats were there to greet her. So much better than the dialog I had feared of "Hi, welcome back, and, um... I lost one of our cats."
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